If you are looking for a way to get inspired right away, you’ll be surprised to know that there are many science-backed yet simple ways to do it.

Inspiration is a fickle thing. While you might have it in abundance at certain points – like at 3 A.M. when all you want to do is sleep – sometimes you have none (when it’s needed, for instance). So how to get inspired and creative when you really need it?

Creative people all over the world have to use different techniques to spark their inspiration. For those who are desperate for their muse to come, the news that we might be able to “zap” our brains to entice creativity seems fantastic.

Adam Green, the leading scientist of this fMRI based research has noticed that the frontopolar cortex is the most active part of the brain when creativity is involved and he is testing whether stimulating it could help you get inspired and will make you more creative. He predicts that brain “zapping” for creativity will be available for commercial use in the next 15 years. Seems painless, right?

However, if you are looking for a way to ignite your inspiration right away, you’ll be surprised to know that there are many scientific yet simple ways to do it. Here are some of the ways to get inspired:

1. Walk

In movies, characters always pace around the room when in need of a good solution to their problem. Turns out, there is a reason for this.

A research study done in 2014 shows that walking can seriously increase your creativity and help you get inspired. The scientists working on this study even showed that walking inside can be just as effective as walking outside.

Creatives have been onto this since ancient times, though. Even ancient philosophers, writers and scientists believed that there is a strong connection between creativity and walking. This is happening because walking doesn’t require much of our effort – when walking, our attention is free to roam with stimulation from our surroundings.

So, when in need of some inspiration, take a walk. It can be around your office, through your house, down the street and so on. A change of place and movement can truly change your point of view and benefit your mind.

However, remember to always carry a tool to write your thoughts down – or you might forget them somewhere between your favorite coffee shop and your office door. People used to carry pocket notebooks or notepads on them all the time and this is a pretty good idea. However, if you are looking for something more convenient, you can always download a note-taking app on your smartphone and collect your ideas there.

2. Exercise

Similar to walking, exercise can really jump-start your creativity. Dr. Hotting and Roder have shown that exercising entices reorganisation of some brain structures in their research study. They say that exercise can help you utilize the parts of your brain that weren’t active before but also clear all thoughts standing in the way of your creativity. If you like exercising anyway, this might be a great way for you to tap into your creativity pool.

Another thing that might further help you get inspired is showering. This act is relaxing and distracting, so it lets your most creative ideas to come to you. We all know how profoundly enlightening a shower can be.

3. Read

Reading is always inspirational – by doing it, you find yourself in another world full of strange but wonderful things and characters. If you have always felt like reading brings your muse closer, now there is scientific proof that you were right.

According to a study that focused on the connection between reading and creative insight, reading can help us expand the boundaries of our imagination, which creates more space for good ideas to cultivate.

Furthermore, learning new things can help us get inspired and will extend our creativity as well. Fresh ideas are cultivated from new connections with our old knowledge. Consequentially, the more diverse your knowledge is, the better your ideas will be.

4. Clean

Cleaning has been an aid in finding inspiration to creative people for a long time – and it always works. The science behind this is that cleaning is a combination of activity and meditation.

Completing mindless tasks can get you inspired and open your mind up for new ideas. For one, it’s a change of pace – you leave your desk, you are moving around, seeing new things away from your screen. Next, it’s meditative because, in a way, you are getting rid of dirt and unnecessary information.

Washing dishes can be an especially enlightening chore. Just focusing on the smell of soap, the sound of water and the feel of dishes of different shapes and materials can truly relax you and open your mind up for new ideas.

5. Sleep

Napping can truly boost your creativity. Several studies have confirmed this so far – because your brain works even when you are asleep, people who get enough rest can retain information better and their minds are more productive as well. So, if you want to get and capture good ideas, it might help if you got some sleep. You might even get a fresh idea in your dreams.

6. Meditate

Meditating can seem strange if you are in your workplace, but it’s no wonder it works. We are often stressed – our minds are cluttered with thoughts and worries. Is there a better way to get rid of all that than by meditating?

Set a time for when you’ll meditate – during your break at work or before you start working at home, for instance. It will help you get inspired and will boost your creativity.

7. Listen to Music

Listening to music is a great way to boost your creativity and put you in the mind-wandering state where you are able to get some of the best ideas.

The trick is to pick the kind of music that you like and that works best for your mood. Create a playlist or listen to relaxing sounds of rain, ocean, birds singing and so on.

8. Daydream

Finally, one of the best ways to get good ideas and get inspired is to let your mind wander a little bit. Play relaxing tunes, stare out the window and breathe – it can help you get some rest, clarity and creativity.

Over to You

Whether you choose sleeping or doing dishes, what matters is that you find a solution that works for you. Good ideas don’t come around frequently and you have to do your best to put your mind under conditions that will entice creativity.

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