Unhealthy pride can cause a rift in relationships and a toxic environment. But there are ways you can humble an arrogant person and improve interconnection.

There are certain things you can do to humble an arrogant person. If you are humble, these things may come naturally. However, some people who act overly proud can be difficult to deal with. It may take a bit of research to understand how to navigate their arrogance.

How to humble an arrogant person?

Let’s be honest, no one really wants to be around an arrogant individual. They bring with them an air of superiority that can be cringe-worthy and sickening. It’s just elevated pride in action, and it damages relationships.

Humble people, on the other hand, are right the opposite. And, of course, there is a healthy balance, so it’s good to know how to humble an arrogant person. Here are a few ways you might do that.

1. Build your own confidence!

One of the first things you must do is build up your own self-esteem. If you have low self-esteem, it’s easier for an arrogant person to take advantage of you, and they will. You’ll definitely not make them humble if you cannot have confidence.

While building your confidence sometimes works to humble them, in other cases, it may just make them leave you alone. Either way, you won’t have to deal with their poison anymore.

2. Tell them you’re bored

An arrogant person thrives off the discomfort of others. Either it’s fuel to build them up, or it’s just the satisfaction that someone else is having problems.

However, if you let an arrogant person know that you are bored with them, it will take them aback. They never expect you to see their conversations as boring, and they cannot be seen this way. This may make them think twice about how they act.

3. Confront them about their ways

Did you know that sometimes arrogant people have no idea they are being cocky? This is a good reason to let them know. Confronting a person like this may just help them notice things and change. But beware, the arrogant person may get angry.

So, it’s important to approach the topic healthily. For instance, use “I” statements like,

I feel like you approach things in a prideful way and some of your words are uncomfortable or hurtful”.

Saying how you feel makes confrontations feel less like a personal attack and more like helpful feedback.

4. Don’t be fooled

An arrogant person plays mind games. This is all a part of staying in control of other people. One smart way to humble an arrogant person is to refuse to join in their toxic drama. Do not play games with them, which causes back-and-forth heated dialogue. Because this interchange is exactly what the arrogant person wants.

If they can make you lose control, they get to take control. Just don’t fall for this trick. Pay close attention to the mental traps they set with open-ended questions and instigations. The more they lose at their own games, the more humble they become.

5. Be kind as much as possible

An arrogant person never expects you to react in a kind manner when they attack you. But do it anyway. I know it’s incredibly difficult to be nice when someone is trying to cause problems. However, your kindness is so shocking that the arrogant person may feel a bit of guilt for attacking you.

If they are able to feel this regret, over time, this will humble them and remind them not to be boastful. Remember, be kind, but stand your ground. It’s a delicate balance.

6. Tell a story about another arrogant person

One way to humble an arrogant person is to tell them a story about someone else. For example: Let’s say you had an arrogant friend from the past that never tried to change their ways, so something bad happened. Maybe that person lost their job, a loved one, or a friend in the process.

This is a common occurrence, so telling this story may make the arrogant person think twice before continuing with their behavior. It’s worth a try.

7. Help them, if you can

Help your arrogant friend, loved one, or acquaintance find the root of their problem. There is always a root in every negative or positive behavior. To help humble an arrogant person, that root may be deep, so prepare yourself for the long haul if you choose to help them.

However, helping an egotistical person like this can transform their lives and the lives of others they contact on a daily basis. If you can help them change, you also discover things about yourself in the process, too.

Aren’t we all a little arrogant?

Truth be told, we can all be full of ourselves at times. And that’s okay. But there’s a difference between having arrogant tendencies and being an arrogant person. To learn how to humble an arrogant person, we should look within first, as always.

Are you harboring arrogant thoughts? Do you have slightly haughty behaviors too? If you feel good about your own state of mind, you can do much better when helping others. So introspection is always the starting point.

And always keep in mind that arrogance places higher toward self-importance on the spectrum between narcissism and self-negation. A healthy balance, closest to the middle, is best.

Dealing with arrogant people is never easy. But with every person we help, the world becomes a better place.

Be blessed.

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