“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”

– George Bernard Shaw

You probably wished for something at some point in your life. Some things did manifest while others failed to do so.

Why is that? Is there a certain algorithm or manifestation technique that can teach you how to make your wishes come true?

Is manifesting just about the law of attraction or there is a lot more to it? Throughout the years of studying new spiritual science Infosomatics, as well as conducting research in other consciousness awakening fields, I have learned and tested in practice many different creative visualization and manifestation techniques (including one that is based on a temple in Myanmar that grants wishes).

While gathering information on how to make a wish come true with manifestation techniques, I came across one very interesting “manifestation of your wishes” method from Vadim Zeland and I would like to share it with you.

I have tested it myself and already asked a number of my friends to try it out. I urge you to test the technique yourself and would appreciate if you share the results as well as the insights after you put the following powerful manifestation technique in practice.

The manifestation technique “Glass of Water” can really open up your inner manifesting abilities, help you resolve various problems and give you an energy boost in achieving something that you wish to come true in your life.

How to make a wish come true with the manifestation technique “Glass of Water” 

Take a sheet of paper or a post-it note and write down something that you need or a wish you want to come true in a form of an affirmation. If you are working on a certain project and you need creative ideas, you can write something like:

I am full of inspiration and creativity. I allow my creative energy to flow freely at all times. Creativity comes naturally to me. I am attracting creative ideas all the time. My creative essence is helping me realize my full potential.

It might sound a bit silly, however, your brain and heart do need to hear about your needs in order to know the direction of where to go (more on how the human brain and human heart interact with each other “How Human Aura Energy Field is Created and What Keeps it in Balance”). Any kind of creative visualization or manifestation technique is just a template of a thought-form that helps you better interact with higher levels of consciousness in order to achieve your goals.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to limit yourself to just getting more creative ideas. You can find many different affirmations that are directed towards attracting a partner that you need in your life, getting a new job, finding financial stability/abundance and even helping you resolve health problems (including weight loss).

Just pick the affirmation in the area of life that you want to improve and write it down.

Then take the sheet of paper with the affirmation on it and attach it to a glass of water. Make sure to use good quality of water. You can also use your favorite cup or mug, however, a glass is a more appropriate vessel for this manifestation technique.

Now rub your palms against each other to activate the energy flow in your hands and place them around the glass of water (it is just one of the simple methods to activate energy flow in your hands).

Say the affirmation out loud or silently (if you are stating an affirmation with your voice it usually gives it more power). You should also visualize what is it that you are aiming to achieve while sending your energy towards the water in the glass.

Your energy flows where your attention lies. Thus, when you concentrate your attention on the glass of water while visualizing your wish, you are charging it with the thought-form of your wish. Water is a very powerful energy-informational conductor. Now, drink that glass of water.

What else you need to know about this manifestation technique

glass of water manifestation technique

You should conduct this manifestation technique every morning and every evening before you go to sleep. Besides, many nutritionists recommended to drink at least one glass of water right after you wake up, so you can easily make this manifestation technique a part of your morning routine.

Two weeks should be enough for small wishes and major ones may require up to three months or even more depending on their complexity. Your positive intention will charge the water in the glass and after you drink that water your whole body (which is about 60-75% water anyway) will be charged with the energy that would guide you towards manifesting your wish. This technique is very powerful.

A living body is not a fixed thing but a flowing event, like a flame or a whirlpool: the shape alone is stable, for the substance is a stream of energy going in at one end and out at the other.

– Alan Watts

The key is to be as specific as possible in your affirmations and goals.

If you want creative ideas for your project, say so. If you want to attract a partner in your life, then you should be specific about it (however, don’t overdo it, writing down more than 7 qualities of a person you want to attract is pushing it).

Be realistic! Even though your wish to manifest one million dollars by tomorrow might come true after using the “Glass of Water” manifestation technique, don’t forget that you will need to at least buy a lottery ticket and you should also remember about the sudden wealth syndrome.

If you have several wishes that you want to come true, then I would suggest preparing a glass of water for each wish that you have. It is also wise to make sure that nobody else drinks from that glass at least during the time period you are conducting the technique.

Your hands have 26 energy channels and by placing your hands around the glass of water, you localize and power up your intention to manifest what you wish for in your life. Water records the information you send it. After you drink the water, the energy-informational particles will spread all over your body and tune your morphological field into emitting the intention you gave it.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel the bundle of your intention energy between your hands at first, the feeling will come with practice and there are many techniques that can help you with sensing the energy as well. Water is a very gentle element and it is easily influenced by the energy coming from your hands (even if you can’t consciously sense it yet).

I wish you all the best with practicing this powerful manifestation technique and don’t forget to share it with a friend!

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  1. Kate

    nice post! So can you manifest multiple item per glass or is it one per glass?

  2. Dmitriy

    it is recommended to use one glass per wish. Even though this technique is very powerful, there is a lot more to manifestation process and its physics to make sure your true wishes do manifest 😉

  3. Ranjani

    What should we do with paper, after drinking the water?

    1. Dmitriy

      RANJANI: after you finish with conducting the technique (taking into account the time period you were doing the technique) you should utilize the sheet of paper… burn it or flush it.

  4. Tobi

    Hi Dmitriy 🙂 This technique is indeed a very powerful tool. Particularly great for increasing health and an overall sense of wellbeing. I have also been using a similar technique to apply energy charged with intent directly to the physical organs for example. Apart from just influencing the body of course we can learn to charge the mind as well and thereby influence the course of our life in some way. However complete control of ones life is as much a fantasy as the idea that a sailor controls weather and ocean. Exercising positivity is great, powerful and very healthy and it does yield results. Another question would maybe be if these results are in the end truly satisfying. Using such techniques to boost spiritual practice is a fantastic way of progressing swiftly on ones chosen path. Using it to get “more and more” might however just enhance greed and thereby dissatisfaction. So using the power to create should be a process carried by wisdom as well as by kindness. What do you think?

    1. Dmitriy

      TOBI : Powerful Manifestation techniques should definitely be used with wisdom! as to kindness – it has to be the one that takes responsibility for your own energy resources and makes sure that there is a fair energy exchange process. Here is some more insights to ensure manifestation process (1st and number 9 are probably the most important ones…)
      let me know what you think! 😉

  5. Hanny

    Hi. i understand it has to be one wish per glass. But does it mean i can have more than one glass with different wishes attache?
    Also i didnt understand your answer as what to do with the paper after drinking the water. I thought i could save that glass just for that purpose and leave the paper attached until wish come true. Did you mean i have to burn it every time i drink it? Lol sorry if i dont understand. English is not my first language. Thanks a lot

    1. Dmitriy

      HANNY: You can have one glass for every wish. But don’t flood your kitchen with all the “wish glasses”. Start with one and make sure you understand the physics behind manifestation and you are wishing correctly. You can keep the same paper on the glass for as long as you want to. After you done with one wish – it manifested or you realized you need to rephrase, re-write it or in other words re-aim your intention towards the wish.. then you should utilize the sheet of paper. I hope that helps 😉

  6. Namrata

    Do we use the same sheet of paper till the achievement of our goal or do we have to change it every time we charge the water?

  7. Dmitriy

    You can use the same sheet of paper for one wish (you don’t have to change it every time you change the water). Make sure you are stating your wish correctly though… and feel free to change it with time – in other words follow you intuition. Also see 9 essential manifestation rules for more info.

  8. Shyla

    Did any one try it and whats the result

  9. Marta

    Hey! 🙂 I really like this technique, and I use it since week. I have two questions connected with this.
    First, how long (after saying my affirmation) should I visualize my goal during sending the energy to glass? You meant about minute or longer? Or… it’s a quick process like the one of Masaru Emoto?Just concentrate a few seconds, drink and let go?
    And should I have an eye contact with the glass during this? Or close my eyes, feel the energy in my hands and make visions?

    1. Dmitriy

      Marta, if you are new to visualization techniques then you might want to spend few minutes visualizing your goal (1-2 minutes should be fine). When you feel comfortable with the process you can do it in just few seconds, concentrate and then drink water. As to your eyes – follow your intuition. Some people prefer meditating with their eye closed others dot it with open eyes. I prefer to close my eyes and concentrate my energy on the hands. All the best!

  10. jj

    Dis made my situation WORSE !!

      1. Kath

        Hi, I would like to add that you need to take this seriously. Sometimes what we ask for may come but not in the way we thought. Asking the universe for something is great if you remember that there is always a price to pay on return. That doesn’t mean bad things will happen but you need to be careful what you wish for and be grateful when you get it. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I have successfully asked for help with many things however have learnt to think about whether its something I really need help with or is it just greed. Good luck! Hope your wishes are all you wish them to be.

  11. Nicola

    Wonderful article. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to making this simple addition to my affirmations 🙂

  12. Becky

    Hi! I love this article and it really helps a lot for people to have a glimmer of hope for their dreams! My only questions are, how long does it take to have a wish come true? And if its a more savvier wish, will it still work?

    1. Dmitriy

      Becky. It really depends on the wish and on how much energy (and what frequency of energy) is required for manifestation of that wish. Common simple wishes shouldn’t take more than three months, more complicated wishes might take longer. The whole wish manifestation process and physics behind it is described in detail (with more manifestation techniques) during the webinar mentioned in the article. Just to give you an example: it took me about 6 weeks to get a new cell phone (and to tell you the truth, I failed to be very thorough on doing the technique every day).

  13. Nicole

    SO do this technique twice a day for wishes? Do you need to rewrite the wish or just rub your hands, place them on the glass, say the affirmation, and then drink the water?

    1. Dmitriy

      You can do this technique twice a day (or at least once). No need to re-write wish every time unless you want to re-phrase or add something to your affirmation with time. More details can be found by following the links in the article. Make sure to read “9 Essential Rules for Manifestation Techniques to Make a Wish Come True” (link in one of the comments above)

  14. Kirsten

    I am scared to do this….. Is anything bad going to happen to me??

    1. Dmitriy

      Kirsten…. well 🙂 you’ll never know until you try 😉 it all depends on your wish though…

  15. Charlotte

    Hello there.
    I am enjoying this article, again. As you have mentioned that each glass be the focus of one wish/intention, I am wondering about using shot/little glasses for each intention. Many people get up during the night, so I thought that little glasses might help.
    Thank you.

  16. Esme

    But I really need this wish, he’s lying!! BADLY

  17. Brandy Kennett

    My situation is the gentleman that I am interested in is seeing someone else & I am not sure how to go about “wishing” him back in my life. Is this even a possibility?

    Thank you

  18. Kamaljeet Kaur

    Dear Dmitriy,

    Thanks for share such a beneficial post. Actually I am too much tensed these day. I am in love with a person for almost 9.5 years and told my family about him last year. My family is totally against us as we are from different religions, I am Sikh and he is Hindu. Will this technique work to make my family agree for us. I do want to loose him and i want him with my family’s happiness.

    Please help!!!

    1. Dmitriy

      there are other techniques that would be more appropriate to your situation….but more details of your case are still needed… you can use this technique to give you more energy and wish for “ecological resolution to your problem”…

  19. Olga

    Hi Dmitriy, my name is Olga and i am Ukrainian too. I wanted to try this technique, but I am not sure if it will work. Has it worked for you ?

    1. Dmitriy

      Olga: Zdorovenki buly 😉 it all depends on your wish, this technique is very powerful and can help you concentrate your wish manifestation energy. There is a lot more to wish manifestation though, you can follow the links to learn more. All the best!

  20. Soso

    I want to pass exams, so is this technique going to work?

    1. Dmitriy

      Soso: if you didn’t study for your exams and want a miraculously pass them… then this technique will probably not work. However, if you want to be able to concentrate your energy on studying and improve your memory – then yes, this technique can really help.

  21. Sk

    Can this technique be used for a wish that I have for my son? He also has the wish but not sure if he will be able to apply this technique as he is young.

  22. Pearl Diamndz

    hi, i have questions regarding this. i would like to contact you personally. could you please give your email id (sorry for bad english).

    1. Dmitriy

      Pearl you can just follow the links in the video or in “about the author” section to contact me directly.

  23. be

    What is the wish has already been granted, do I still have to continue the three months or however long it requires?

    1. Dmitriy

      If your wish is granted… enjoy it ! 🙂 you can use the technique for the next wish … or learn more advanced stuff on wish manifestation.

  24. alia

    I want to stop someone from getting mariied because I love him a lot..I want him back

    1. Arpit

      Anything you have learned by this? Can you please tell me what changed in your life through LOA?
      Just for help.

  25. Monicke

    What should I do with the sheet of paper afterwards?

  26. Elizabeth

    Hi I have been wanting to wish for a large amount of money to be able to help my family my parents my children my husband and other family members that could use financial help and improve our quality of life not have to worry/stress about bills.I really wish for money to not be an obstacle in our lives. To be able to do things or buy what we need or want and not worry about not being able to pay our bills. I want to be able to do things and give my children wonderful experiences that life has to offer to travel and not have to worry about money being an obstacle. Im worried I will not use the right words and don’t want any ill will to come to anyone. How would I ask for this? Thank you in advance

  27. Jakob Velarde

    Does this really work?

  28. Mario antwan Evans

    How many wish right down on paper

  29. .......

    It only works if you want it to work and you know it will work

  30. Peter

    Hi, what if I wish to go back in time? Like go back in 2010? Do you think it might works?

  31. abby

    Will it work if you know the thing you want is bad? As in breaking a bone?

  32. Julian

    Mine will probably work cause I look on it it says I already have four wishes will come true tomorrow and I’ll left 4 again.😀😁😂

  33. Brianna thomas

    If it has something to do with flexibility would it be weeks or months considering your level of flexibly

  34. Hema

    Should we write down our wish in the paper and keep the glass of water above it and then wrap our hands on the glass…

  35. raj

    my girlfriend broke up with me and i want her back ……

  36. Larry M. Legaspi

    thanks life script doctor, i agree to power of visualization technique before i read this article, accidentally when i drink a one glass water, i saw a color in glass blue , orange, violet, yellow, green, and i call my wife and tell her look theres a color in a glass, but can,t explain what does it mean, what put in mind is a mystery

  37. asha

    What about manifesting a specific person?

  38. asha

    Also do you do this every single day until it happens, or do you do it for 30 days?

  39. Tiara

    This is my first time doing this… Do I have to write “I wish I could do this or that”? Because I really need to save me and my boyfriend’s relationship and his mother blocked my phone number for calling him so much and I want to do something about it. Me and my boyfriend both have disabilities.

  40. Akanksha

    Sir can height can also be increased by using this method…….

  41. Renuka

    Can I get my lost job by using this technique

  42. Areeba khan

    There is someone whom i really like and want to get to know him and probably feel the same for me. But the chances of us meeting or even seeing each other in real life are very less. We just follow each other on social media. So will this technique work?

  43. Amy

    This is awesome! I know someone who tried this and it worked.. she was manifesting a new job and go it within a week!! Thanks for the great post!

  44. Justme

    What do you do with the paper after you drink the water? I dont see anything that says what we should do with that?

  45. Shaheed

    I want to Ben so cute and more attractive and very athletic at Basketball 🏀

  46. Shanaya

    This technique also works on your love and what to write on affirmation?

  47. Anju Yadav

    Thanks a million for sharing such an useful information. I will share my experience once my wish would fulfill.

  48. Jay

    Amazing article! I really enjoyed and learned a lot about this Glass of Water manifestation technique.. I was actually feeling lost but this and the free magically manifestation article helped me find my life’s purpose.

  49. Simran

    What to do with the paper where manifestation is written after it is done? Discard? How? As something’s personal written may come into hands of others on the house which I don’t want. Please let me know what to do with the paper.

  50. Sim

    What should I do with the paper on which I’ve written. I don’t want anyone in my house to read it if they catch hold.

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