The decision-making process is a very challenging one for most people. It is often very hard to know which choice would bring us the desired results.

There is a simple yet powerful visualization technique that can help you with your decision-making process.

This visualization is just one of many techniques based on the new spiritual science Infosomatics. Variations of this visualization technique are even taught in modern psychology and NLP courses.

The key to this visualization technique to work is to be in a playful mode. Hardheaded logic does kill your ability to visualize things vividly in the energy-informational field. Just remember that your ability to visualize is the way you interact with higher consciousness and Nature itself.

Symbols and thoughtforms are a part of the language that Nature uses in order to communicate with you and help you find your own unique road that would lead to success and happiness.

You can watch the video scribe explaining how this visualization technique works or read the text version for more details below. Don’t forget to share your experience and results after using this technique:

First, you need to find a place where you can relax and make sure nobody can bother you for at least five minutes or so. Breathe in and breathe out and get yourself into a meditational state.

Now, recall a situation when you made a choice the results of which made you very happy. If it is hard for you to remember such an event in your life, just imagine yourself making a decision to buy a winning lottery ticket with a million dollar prize.

The main idea is to visualize the correct choice you made that brought you a lot of positive emotions. Place this event in a sphere somewhere above you (you can imagine that you are watching yourself making that choice through a crystal ball if you like).

Now, let that sphere fall to a certain place somewhere around you. The sphere slowly falls somewhere near you guided by your subconscious mind (or higher self).

The second part of the technique is to remember the bad choice you made in your life.

It could be a decision that led to some negative results and you might even still feel bad about that situation. Visualize the process of making that decision and place it in another sphere. Now, let this sphere fall to the ground on a certain spot somewhere around you.

You should have two spheres located somewhere around you. Draw a straight line between those spheres. This line represents a scale from a bad to a good decision. The scale of the correct choice can now be used to test your choices in regards to the current events in your life.

You can use the line to communicate with your higher self or subconscious mind.

Just visualize a screen above you where you can see yourself making a certain choice and the events that would follow.

Transform that screen into a sphere and let it fall somewhere on the line you have already created on the energy-informational field. If the sphere falls closer towards the bad decision sphere, that choice could bring trouble. When the sphere falls on the line of choice closer to the good decision, it means that you can expect good results from making that decision.

This simple visualization technique helps you map your decision-making process on the energy informational field and improves your communication skills with your subconscious mind or higher self.

You can use the scale for more than one decision your need to make, just make sure that you are true to yourself and you are not letting your stubborn logic of your left brain place the spheres where it wants. Allow yourself to be guided by the energy flow coming from your higher self.

This technique could serve as an “energy-informational crutch” that would help on the road of self-discovery. However, only those who are brave enough to play the game while being true to themselves will get the results they are striving for.

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