Have you ever noticed that when you think of something you desire over and over again, in some time, your dream comes true, even though you’ve already forgotten about it?

It’s not a miracle and neither a coincidence! This is exactly what spiritual practitioners call the fulfillment of a wish by the power of thought or manifestation. By wishing for something with passion, you send a powerful burst of energy to the universe, which “works” to make your dream come true.

Of course, you may not agree and say that nothing like this has ever happened to you. But if you believe that things like this can happen, be aware that the fulfillment of wishes with the power of thought has several rules.

Here is a strategy on how to make your wishes come true with the power of thought:

The wish should be clearly articulated

Articulating your wish has a significant impact on the “quality” of its fulfillment. For example, the wish “I want to go abroad” is not the same with the wish “I want to go to Paris”.

That’s why visualization experts recommend not just dreaming but also imagining the process of how your dreams come true. An inaccurate thought may bring disappointment, so think about it before making a wish.

The wish should be realistic

Remember two things: absolutely unrealistic things are not going to happen, and inaction leads to nothing. After all, everyone knows that you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.

The same important is to consider your capabilities and reality. Of course, you can develop your personal abilities and skills, achieve financial independence, set different goals, but they still need to be realistic.


There are many visualization techniques, but one of the most common is to create a visualization board. It may be a magnet board where you can put images symbolizing your dreams, or a sheet of drawing paper. It is important to hang the board in such a place where you can regularly see it and constantly think about your wishes.

Focusing your power of thought

Making your wishes come true by the power of thought is possible only if you do not share your dreams with everyone. Don’t dissipate the energy necessary to carry out your wishes. For the same reason, no one should see your visualization board.

Giving time for wish fulfillment

When you take into account all the above rules, don’t expect quick results. You should be patient and confident about achieving your goals. Make a wish with and feel a strong desire to make it come true.

After all, your thoughts and your feelings are believed to have a great impact on your life, so your emotions and actions are always directed to making your thoughts a reality.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect that your dreams will come true on their own. To succeed, you should take steps to fulfill them. Then your thoughts and your energy devoted to the achievement of your goals will pay off, perhaps even earlier than you expect.

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  1. Megan

    magic spell that really works

    1. Joe

      Well that a bit contradicting but what do I know, it may work for some. Good luck 👍🏽.

  2. Jenifer

    This thought coming true happened many times in my life. But if I share with someone it totally happening opposite to what I think. So I won’t share it with anyone. But its true which you said here. And if I say someone they want believe me so I won’t say. And If I think something I should be very determined about it till the last second so that it comes true. I don’t know what to do with this power. I don’t know when it started happening. But its dangerous sometimes. I have many negative thoughts so I am afraid of my power.

    1. Anthony

      My powers to have negative consequences. …but how do u know these things happen bc u wish or think about them constantly or out of pure chance and exactly it was telepathic thoughts in your head creating the notion of the desire or wish

    2. Renee

      That is true ! I have experience if I seriously want something to have soon ! Just keep on thinking about it ! Wishing to have this something that I been wanting without telling anyone! All of a sudden I will get what I was wishing for ! But its not a lot of money ! It’s mostly clothes that I want or something special even a place to go to ! But if I start talking about the things I want to others I will have bad Luck ! And nothing will happen for me ! Try the visualizing your wants and needs ! Without mentioning to anyone about your wishes and dreams !

  3. Kirsten

    I completely agree. My husband and I are living proof this is true. I also don’t go telling everyone in detail what I what and visualize. I like to watch it happen without sharing. But I do speak it out to the universe and say it is so.

  4. scott

    i know you said not to make wish for your secret love to come and find you but there is this one i have had my eye on for 45 yrs and i dont know anything about where she is or what her status is so i just throwing it out there now as for me i am seeking piece and calm i have had enough of being mad and fight , fussing yelling screaming just because i thought no one was listening to me so i now have a counselor to try and help me with this anger issue that i have now i know that this anger issue did not come to be over night so there fore it will not leave as an over night session of the news but i am trying to deal with it as best that i can now there just happens to be about 3-4 big issues that i cant handle and so i must have some help to handle those but other wise i can manage on my own but i dont do well in large gathering of people no matter where they are i am not an entertainer and so i would just like to be quit on my own little piece of the world somewhere out in the country maybe 25 acres with a great view looking at the lake my one true wish is for me and my Daughter to get back on speaking terms i just want her to be happy what ever she might do with her self i do want my grandchildren to be happy as well but 2 of them are less than a yr old twins my oldest will be 7 in jan but i just need to find my happy place i dont have one of those any more since my house burned to the ground it took everything that i had saved for many yrs and every thing else that was mine now i dont have but i have made a good recovery since then 3/16 but my Daughter will be 26 in feb so i wish her happiness health and good life before thirty i think she can handle well thats all that i can think of bye for now

  5. Anonymous

    Even if I tell someone it will happen even if I kept saying it to them it will still happen and yeah

  6. To

    My faith in Gods son Jesus ,my loving him for giving me a chance to please him by loving all people. Being great full that I could have eternal life ,an eternal happy beautifully complete life. For reasons yet known he created only one me,one you,one so many others.asked us only to love each other help each other, not war, not greed,not ego, not … just put as much love into this world of people that he put into creating the one me. I beli3vei can ask anything in Gods son Jesus name and it will be given and this takes faith. I’m working on this faith , I’m a sinner ,I continue to sin but I’m trying each day to sin less, I really am. Love you guys help me help you, pray for me I am praying for you, love me, I love you. FAITH

  7. Q. K.

    Really amazing piece of words.Keep Sharing!

  8. adam bradley

    I know how to make my wish come true

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