Have you ever noticed that when you think of something desired, in some time your dream comes true, even though you’ve already forgotten about it?

It’s not a miracle and neither a coincidence! This is exactly what is called fulfilment of a wish by the power of thought. By wishing something with passion you run an energy pulse, which “works” to make your dream come true.

Of course, you may not agree and say that nothing like this has ever happened to you. But be aware that the fulfilment of wishes by the power of thought has several features. Here is a small strategy on how to make your wishes come true:

The wish should be clearly articulated

The accuracy of the formulation has a significant impact on the “quality” of its fulfilment. For example, the wish “I want to go abroad” is not the same with the wish “I want to go to Paris”. That’s why experts on visualization recommend not just dreaming, but also imagining the process of how your dreams come true. An inaccurate thought may bring disappointment, so think about it before making a wish with all your heart.

The wish should be realistic

Remember two things: absolutely unreal things are not going to happen, and inaction leads to nothing. After all, everyone knows that you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. The same important is to compare your capabilities with reality. Of course, you can develop your personal abilities and skills, achieve financial independence, set different goals, but they still need to be realistic.


There are many techniques of visualization, but one of the most common is to create a visualization board. It may be a magnet board where you can put images symbolizing your dreams, or a regular sheet of drawing paper. It is important to hang the board in such a place, so you can regularly see it and constantly think about your wishes.

Concentration of the power of thought

Making your wishes come true by the power of thought is possible only if you do not share your dreams. Don’t dissipate the energy necessary to carry out your wishes. For the same reason, no one should see your visualization board.

Time for fulfilment

When you take into account all the above features, don’t expect a quick success. You should be patient and confident in achieving your goals. Make a wish with all your heart and feel a strong desire to make it come true. After all, your thoughts and your feelings create your life, so your emotions and actions are always directed to making your thoughts a reality.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect that your dreams will come true on their own. To succeed, you should take steps to fulfil them. Then your thoughts and your energy devoted to the achievement of your goals will pay off, perhaps even earlier than you expect.

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