How to prepare for an interview and have the right mindset? When interviewing for a potential vacancy, the greatest enemy can sometimes be your own mind.

People may tell themselves they’re not good enough or they don’t have the correct skillset. Something in the back of their mind may even tell them they don’t really want, or need, the job they’re applying for and this can be incredibly detrimental during the interview and can manifest itself negatively.

There are, however, ways to overcome this mental block, ensuring that the individual steps up their game and conducts themselves in a confident and succinct manner.

How to Psychologically Prepare for an Interview

Reflect On Successes and Accomplishments

The hardest part of applying for a job is securing an interview and if the candidate is successful, this means that they have a selection of qualifications and/or skills that will be valuable in the role.

This is important to remember as it implies that the candidate does have enough for the role and should feel confident in bringing these skills, accomplishments, and qualifications to the table should they be required.

Employers want to employ those with success ingrained into their psyche so this will need to come across in the interview. The candidate must freely discuss previous triumphs without ever having to boast or exaggerate. This can be psychologically freeing as it will inspire an extra ounce of confidence.

Be Prepared

For those seeking even more confidence as well as extra conversation topics, it is imperative that the candidate commits to some light background reading on the company.

This will impress potential employers and will make the interview a much more amicable experience, setting the candidate at ease with their surroundings.

Additionally, it is a good idea to efficiently scour through the CV beforehand to ensure the candidate is up to date on what is going to be discussed.

This is helpful as it means the potential employee will be able to demonstrate the skills they have already listed down and talk about how they will fit into the company they’re applying for, based on the background research that they have already conducted.

Interview Techniques

This begins at the front door; first impressions are significant and with a firm handshake and a cheery smile, things could go incredibly well for the candidate from the very beginning.

Candidates must be on time, look the part and sit with their hands and legs in front of them in a confident posture. This will bode well for the individual and cast an impression of casual confidence on the employer.

Leaning back on the chair and folding arms will create an informal, closed atmosphere that will be detrimental to the candidate’s confidence and mental state. They must also smile at the right opportunities, put forth a lot of energy and talk happily and with sufficient knowledge about the company and the job offered.

Find Strengths

Confidence comes through knowing what to sell, when to sell it, and how to sell it. This requires a strong combination of all the other points, from being prepared to knowing how to show energy and speak in a professional, relaxed tone.

A unique selling point is vital because that is the one thing a candidate believes they can offer over every other person applying for that job. It’s important for a candidate’s mental state to know exactly what it is beforehand and to share it with the potential employers as it could be what ultimately seals the deal.

A significant amount of molding and manipulating may have to be done in order to fit this particular strength in with the job requirements.

Taking some time to prepare for an interview will increase your chances of landing the job of your dreams!

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