We’ve all experienced people that we just don’t gel with, for whatever reason. Some people we openly don’t get on with for explainable reasons, but others we may have just taken a dislike towards.

Either way, we’re all adults and the best thing to do when dealing with people you dislike is to stay calm, be mature and handle the situation the best you can.  It’s not possible to get along with every single person you encounter, so being prepared for these situations is the way forward.

Don’t hold a grudge

If you don’t like someone because they pushed in front of you in a queue one time, five years ago, it may be time to let that grudge go, as it’s only adding negativity to your life.

If you decided you disliked somebody because they once wore fur and you’re a big supporter of PETA, or a similar reason without actually knowing the person you’re taking a dislike towards, go and speak to them.

Start a conversation, learn what they like and dislike and maybe eventually, ask why they wore fur. Speaking to the person you dislike but don’t actually know may help you realize that you were wrong about them and they’re not so bad after all.

Try not to be judgemental

There are times when somebody is saying something you find offensive or inconsiderate, but taking a second to think before you speak is the best way forward in this situation. Think about where their opinions are coming from before you judge them and start arguments.

Keeping your head in this situation is all about taking a step back and thinking about the situation before you speak. But once your head is clear and you can communicate your thoughts without judgement or anger, go fight your side.

Remove yourself from the situation

If the person you dislike is part of your friendship group or a colleague, it can be hard to distance yourself from the person, but sometimes it’s necessary. If you can avoid contact with this person, do it. Just don’t be rude about it.

Avoiding certain social situations where you may be forced to interact with this person will make it a much more pleasant experience for everyone involved, particularly if everyone else is aware of your feelings.

Don’t feel guilty

Lastly, we’re all human beings. We all have emotions and sometimes, even though you don’t particularly like being around somebody, they may enjoy being around you and make an extra effort with you.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s incredibly easy to start feeling guilty and you may end up forcing yourself to take part in their social events.

Stop feeling guilty. It’s okay not to like somebody, eventually and hopefully, they may take the hint that you’re just not interested in being friends.

We’ve all been there and being the bigger person by removing yourself from situations with people you just don’t like is preferable to being miserable around them. It’s okay not to like everybody; it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. Just remember that it also doesn’t make them a bad person either.

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