Many of us want to know how the law of attraction works and how to use it to make our lives better. Well, it’s all about being in partnership with the universe.

The law of attraction is powerful. However, it is often misunderstood and misused. If we use the law of attraction as a shopping list of things we want, we fail to learn its spiritual message.

This doesn’t mean the law of attraction is bad. There is nothing wrong with wanting to manifest happiness and abundance. And there is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to achieve our goals and fulfil our desires. The problem comes when we expect the law of attraction to provide all that we want and make us happy in the future. When we do this, we miss some vital spiritual lessons. Luckily, there are ways to avoid misusing the law of attraction.

We can learn to use the law of attraction in a way that benefits us at a deeper level than just the material.

Remember that happiness can only be found in the present moment

Simply put, the law of attraction works on the principle that like attracts like. This means that if we want to be happy and abundant, we need to focus on happiness and abundance.

However, one of the problems with the law of attraction is that it makes us focus on the future. Thinking about the future isn’t a bad thing in some circumstances. We have to plan for achieving our goals and we have to be prepared for what might lie ahead. However, when we spend all of our time focused on the future and expecting it to bring us happiness, we miss out the lesson of living in the present.

Expecting to be happy at some future times is a mistake. It fills us with longing for something that does not yet exist. Then we will send out the power of longing and need rather than of abundance and joy.

The simplest way to use the law of attraction is to remember the blessings of the present moment. The present moment is the only place where we can make a change. So, by doing the best we can in each moment, we increase our chances of a better future.

Avoid slipping into attachment

The universe is abundant. There is enough for everyone. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to manifest good things in our lives.

But we must be careful not to slip into becoming attached to certain outcomes and possessions. Thinking like this fools us into believing that our happiness comes from outside of us. But really, happiness comes from within.

So, when using the law of attraction, by all means, manifest whatever your heart desires. But remember that the need for material things is often driven by the ego. Think carefully about what you manifest and why you want the things you do. And try not to get attached to the outcome. Ask the universe and then trust that it will provide all that is right for you.

Your thoughts aren’t responsible for everything that happens to you

Thinking that our thoughts are the only things that cause our circumstances can cause unnecessary pain and suffering. It is not true that everything that happens to us, whether good or bad, comes from our thoughts. Believing this can cause us to think that we have brought illness or tragic circumstances on ourselves.

However, the universe is a vastly complex entity. There are many reasons why bad things happen. Sometimes there is a lesson we need to learn or a challenge we have to face in order to grow stronger. Sometimes it might be a lesson someone else had to learn but we get caught in the maelstrom.

When we use the law of attraction, it is important to remember that sometimes, the universe, spirit or God has other plans that may be in our best interest in the long term.

This doesn’t mean we can’t ask for what we want, but it doesn’t mean that if we fail to get what we want, or something bad happens to us, there is no need to blame ourselves or think that we are failing to use the law of attraction correctly.

Practice gratitude

Creating a list of things we want the universe to provide for us can make us slip into ‘needy’ thinking. When we send out need, we get back more need. So the best way to attract more of what we want is to be grateful for what we have.

When we send out an energy of appreciation and gratitude, the universe will respond to that energy by giving us more to be grateful for. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask for what we need and want, but this should be balanced by true gratitude to the universe for all the blessings we already have.

Although it can be hard to be grateful when we are sick, broke or worried, we can always find some things that we truly appreciate about our lives. Spending our days focused on the blessings in our lives instead of the problems helps us to live at a higher vibration and attract more of what we desire.

There is always so much to be grateful for. Apreciating the blessing of life is enough to start with.

Be what you want to attract

When we use the law of attraction, we spend time thinking about what we want. However, because like attracts like, it is important that we try to be what we want. When we do this, we are manifesting with our whole heart, soul, and life rather than simply allocating ten minutes a day to working with the law of attraction.

When we are loving, joyful and grateful, we will attract love, joy, and abundance. When we are excited and enthusiastic about reaching our goals and fulfilling our desires, we will attract more to be excited and enthusiastic about. After all true abundance and happiness are not things that you ‘get’ they are things that you ‘are’.

So be what you want to attract.

Be open to receiving more

Sometimes what we use the law of attraction for is limited by our own imagination. Our human minds cannot comprehend the vastness of all that is possible for us. If we restrict ourselves to what we can imagine, we may limit what the universe can provide. While it is good to be specific about what we need or desire, it’s also important to get clear about the bigger picture in our lives.

When learning how to use the law of attraction, spend some time thinking, meditating or journaling about your life purpose, goals and desires. This will make sure you are in tune with universal energy before you begin to manifest your dreams.

Closing thoughts on the law of attraction

Learning to use the power of the law of attraction effectively will help you be in tune with universal energy and truly achieve all that you were meant to achieve in life.

The universe does want what is best for you, so the most important thing is to get in tune with universal energy and build a rapport with it. Manifestation is a partnership between you and the universe, so remember to let the universe guide you.



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