If you are an HSP, or Highly Sensitive Person, you probably already know that life in modern society can become challenging at times.

Do you find that you’re always crying at those dog adoption ads on TV, or overthinking that throwaway comment that your coworker made? Those who know you may call you overly sensitive, but in fact, you’re just an HSP, or Highly Sensitive Person.

HSPs are much more common than you’d think, and your personality traits can actually be a huge boon. Here are 13 tips that will help you make the most of your nature.

1. Don’t worry about becoming a parent

Many HSPs worry about becoming parents, as they worry they won’t be good enough. This is a worry most people have, but you certainly don’t need to stress about this.

HSPs are actually great parents, as they’re more tuned into their children’s needs. Because they’re more empathetic than most people, HSPs can really understand their children’s feelings and attend to their needs more efficiently. So, don’t worry! You’ll be an amazing mother or father.

2. Accept you don’t need fixing

Many HSPs hear that they’re ‘overly sensitive‘ and that they need to ‘toughen up’. No matter how much you try though, you just can’t seem to get over how you feel.

This is because you’re fighting against your very nature. Instead, embrace that your sensitivity isn’t a flaw in your character, but something to be admired and respected.

3. Don’t force yourself to fit in

As an HSP, you’ve probably found that you’re expected to fit in with others, rather than the other around. This is especially true at work when standing out can mark you as different, or odd. However, you’re actually better off embracing your true nature.

You’re a valuable person just the way you are, so show people the real you. The best workplaces are made up of people with different personalities and backgrounds. Sensitive people are much more attuned to the needs of others and are highly valuable.

4. Seek out positive experiences

The brain is essentially a sponge, soaking up information all day long. As an HSP, your brain soaks up more than most. Thanks to your sensitive nature, if you find yourself in a negative environment, you begin to feel more negative.

As this is the case, seek out positive experiences whenever you can. These will really give you a boost and help you feel as though you can take on anything.

5. Use your nature to see all the details

As an HSP, you’re much more disposed towards being detail-oriented. It’s much easier for you to see the minutiae of a situation, which means you can assess it much quicker than others. Take advantage of this, especially at work.

6. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed

On the flip side of point 5, you can become so involved with the details of a situation that you can become overwhelmed. This is especially bad if you find yourself dwelling on your own perceived ‘flaws‘. If you find yourself doing this, make sure to take a step back and break away from your thoughts.

7. Be compassionate towards yourself

As an HSP, you’re amazing at being compassionate towards others. You find it easy to put yourself in their shoes, and really see things from their point of view. That’s why people are so drawn to you when they need a shoulder to cry on.

Remember to use this talent for yourself. If you’re being too hard on yourself, think about what you would say if you were talking to another person. Would you be as hard on them?

8. Create healthy boundaries

As an HSP, you’ll either create rigid emotional walls to keep others from impacting you, or you’ll have no boundaries at all and feel overwhelmed by others’ emotions.

The trick is to keep a healthy middle ground. Instead of walls, create boundaries. Let people know when you’ve had enough, but also tell them that you will come back to them. You just need some space to recollect yourself.

9. Know when you need to back away

You’re the kind of person who can be so empathetic you take on the other person’s needs and feelings. On top of your own feelings, this can be incredibly overwhelming.

This isn’t healthy for you in the long term, so the best thing to do is to know when to back away from a situation. Maybe you just need a quiet spot to cool down in, or maybe you need to leave the situation altogether. Either way, learn when you need to get out.

10. Look for people like you

Anything will feel easier if you have friends by your side. Look for people who have needs like you, and befriend them. It’s so much better when you have someone who understands how you feel.

11. Take time for yourself

The world is a busy place, and you’re expected to keep up. What with work, childcare, socialising and relationships, there’s hardly any time left for you. It can be exhausting and emotionally draining, and it will take its toll on you.

Make sure you’re taking time to yourself, every day. Whether that’s going for a walk or watching your favourite show on TV, make sure you make time for you.

12. Remember that nothing is forever

When you’re trapped in a bad situation, it can feel as though you’ll never get out of it. You’re stuck dealing with the negative thoughts and emotions, and you feel as though you’ll feel this way forever.

If this happens to you, remember that this too shall pass. Nothing stays the same, so try to weather the situation as much as you can.

13. Embrace your nature

Being an HSP is part of what makes you, you. Don’t try and smother it, or be someone you’re not. Be proud of who you are.

HSPs are a valuable part of society. Use these tips to make the most of your nature, and live in a hectic and overwhelming world.

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  1. Eva Hamon

    Hi, I find it difficult to meet people similar to me, they all seem to hide and if you are stuck in a place and can’t travel the world to find a few of them, it is almost impossible. But I’m happy to know they exist.

  2. Patrick

    I am Patrick and I get emotional about almost anything. My heart is in plain view

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