Envision a system that explains your entire personality and the way you live your life in extreme detail. That would be pretty amazing, right? Well, a few different beliefs do exist. However, none as powerful as the Human Design System.

The Origins of the Human Design System

Ra Uru Hu was born Alan Krakower in Canada in 1948. He was travelling in 1987 and ended up on the island of Ibiza. Here he experienced an intense 8-day vision. During these 8 days, Ra heard a mysterious voice. This voice explained a complex mechanical system for him.

The Human Design System could predict someone’s personality, career, relationships and so on. All by using your exact time of birth.

Now, you might well think that this is a crazy idea. However, many people are convinced of the validity of this design. Particularly once they have generated their own charts and mastered the art of reading them.

So, is this system the real deal? We can’t help but question; are we coded before birth? Or does the placebo effect work better than we know?

What Is the Human Design System?

“Human design gives us information about ourselves that we can’t access anywhere else…It’s about how we are each uniquely wired,” Erin Claire – Human Design Guide

Essentially, the human design system is a mathematical system. It borrows ideologies of The I Ching, Kabbalah, Chakras, Astrology and a small dose of Quantum Physics.

You use your exact time, date and place of birth to calculate your chart. The time is very important in determining your chart. If you don’t know your time of birth, you can enter 12:00. You will not get an accurate result, but you will still get helpful information.

The body chart consists of 9 Centers, 64 Gates, and 36 Channels. This predetermined genetic chart can tell you how to live as your most authentic self. It will help you to tap into your consciousness and give some wonderful insight into your future. Basically, it can help you find your true purpose in the world.

How Human Design Works

This system combines ancient and modern sciences to chart your personality. The scientific evidence is based on the Neutrino particle.

A neutrino is different from an atom. The neutrino is a subatomic particle that has no electrical charge and an undetermined mass. Some believe the mass is extremely small, while others believe it’s zero.

Neutrinos are everywhere. In fact, they are the most common and plentiful particles in the universe. However, as they are tremendously small they can be very problematic to detect. Despite their size, experts believe that neutrinos leave behind minuscule amounts of information whenever they pass through our bodies. These neutrinos are important, especially at the moment we are born.

The main premise behind Human Design Theory is that the neutrinos that pass through our bodies at the moment of birth are imprinted in us.  As a result, it is this imprint that determines your personality for the rest of your life.

Now, there is a lot of information that is broken down into many different categories. As such, it is difficult to understand your own chart. Therefore, a professional in this field may be useful in helping you decipher your chart.

Human Design clarifies the influence of the planets on our personality. This is because neutrinos carry the information from the planets to us at our time of birth. The constant movement of the planets means that the information from neutrinos passing through at the moment of birth will always be one of a kind.

Therefore, it is impossible for another person to have the same genetic imprint.

How to use it

Sometimes we make decisions without understanding why. Your chart can help with this, studying your pre-conditioning can be so beneficial. It can tell you a huge range of information from how you make decisions, your emotions, relationships, physical ailments and so on.

The human design system believes knowing this information is the key to living an authentic life.

“A system that sheds light on your emotional, psychological and energetic makeup, giving you the self-awareness and tools to align with your nature and step into your highest potential in every area of your life.” Erin Claire

Four Strategies in Human Design System

Humanity is divided into four strategy types:

  1. Generators
  2. Projectors
  3. Manifestors
  4. Reflectors
  1. Generators

Generators or Manifesting Generators are the most common strategy type. They represent about 70% of everyone on Earth. They are integral to the lifeforce of the planet and are responsible for creating the future.

They are essentially builders, responding and receiving information and building on that. Their life force is strong, and they attract energy from others. These people require situations to happen so they can respond accordingly, typically with sounds and movement.

  1. Projectors

Projectors are the second most common type. They embody around 20% of the population. They will wait for a situation to occur and to be invited before they react. This is because when they are invited by others, their efforts feel recognized and whole.

These people are usually more introverted with a clear view of the energy of others. Projectors feel that it is their responsibility to help others. However, this leaves them feeling vulnerable and exhausted at times. They are vital to society and need to master their charts in order to help others sufficiently.

  1. Manifestors

Manifestors as less common, they compose only 9% of society. These are people of action. They have a natural ability to excel in life with very little effort. They inspire others to manifest events wherever they go. They have a knack for helping others with decision-making as natural-born initiators.

When they are not able to manage and guide others properly, they find themselves angry at signs of resistance. They are their best selves when sharing their gift of manifesting with others.

  1. Reflectors

Reflectors are a very small group; they represent only 1% of the population. These types are interesting since they don’t really have a fixed chart. Therefore, it can be hard to decode their authentic selves.

They are essentially walking mirrors, reflecting back everyone else’s reflection. Usually, reflectors are very empathetic, picking up on the emotions and thoughts of everyone around them. This can be a unique gift. They see the world from a different point of view that is not afforded to most.

When reflectors are able to mirror the passion of others, they are the most content. However, if they don’t fully understand this ability, it can end up draining them.

Your Authority

Another important aspect of the human design system is understanding your authority. When combined with your strategy type, you can really begin to understand your chart. Think of your authority as a tool for interpreting if a decision is right for you or not.

There are two main types of authority. Moreover, these two types can be broken down further into even more categories.

Inner Authority

This is your inner consciousness, the little voice in our heads that influences the way we make decisions. An intelligent inner compass that leads you in a certain direction. This is purely cognitive. It needs to be aligned with your physical body in order for you to live as your authentic self.

Outer Authority

Outer Authority in Human Design provides your authentic perspective on life. This can be more physical at times; it comes from a place of expression and individuality. For example, our outer authority can determine how you react to certain situations. It is what makes you unique.

This is just a very small glimpse into the Human Design System. As we stated earlier, it is extremely complex and can take a long time to fully understand.

Final Thoughts

So, does astrology determine your destiny? Can numerology predict your personality? Does the human design system really influence your fate? It’s possible. At the very least, these create a sense of self-discovery that is crucial for growing as a human being.

We should never stop exploring or questioning. Perhaps simply believing in something can very well make it true.


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