Hypnosis is a great healing instrument used by psychologists. Also, hypnosis can be used in general medicine too, for instance, for calming physical pain.

What is hypnosis?

It is a form of therapy in which the therapist sends affirmations or suggestions to the patient who is in a deep relaxation state.

If we want to truly believe some affirmations, we must focus on them when we are totally relaxed, and no one or nothing else can disturb us. Also, if we really want to achieve something, we must be able to visualize ourselves succeeding, when we are totally relaxed and nothing is disturbing us. These two are the premises of hypnosis.

So WHAT does hypnosis do? Its goal is to cure. What? Anger, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, pain, addiction, and so on.

HOW does hypnosis cure? By sending suggestions to the subconscious, or by visualizing success.

WHEN can we send these suggestions? In a deep relaxation state.

HOW do we induce this deep relaxation state? By combining three types of relaxation: meditative breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization meditation.


The key to meditative breathing is:

  • inhale through your nose,
  • keep the air into your lungs,
  • exhale very deeply through your mouth, counting slowly from 1 to 5 as you exhale.
  • keep doing this several times, visualizing that when exhaling, you let go of any negative emotion and tension out of your body.


This technique consists of contracting and letting go of every muscle of your body one by one. So you start with the right foot: contract the muscles from your right foot, one by one, hold while you count from 1 to 10, then let go, focusing on how the tension goes away.

The most popular sequence runs as follows:

1. Right foot
2. Left foot
3. Right calf
4. Left calf
5. Right thigh
6. Left thigh
7.Hips and buttocks
8. Stomach
9. Chest
11.Right arm and hand
12.Left arm and hand
13.Neck and shoulders


You become very relaxed if you let your mind wander to beautiful peaceful places. Very good places to visualize are a beach at the ocean or a field full of flowers. The details which describe the image must be visual, kinesthetic, and acoustic.

Apart from these 3 techniques, relaxation music can help a lot. After you are hypnotized, your body goes to sleep while your mind remains awake, which means that your subconscious is ready to receive positive affirmations.

Waking up must be very smooth, not all of a sudden, inviting yourself to move your fingertips at first, to imagine how energy is rushing through your muscles, preparing yourself first and then telling yourself to open your eyes.

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