A Russian businessman claims to have found the secret of immortality. And it is not a magic potion or a mystical ritual, but a futuristic project that resembles the well-known science-fiction movie «Avatar». Will we all have the immortal avatars that will allow us to live forever?

A “journey” to immortality in 10 years

Dmitry Itskov promises the candidates for immortality to personally oversee their “journey to eternity”.

And despite all this seems to have sprung from science fiction, the truth is that the 31-year-old Russian has already hired 30 scientists to achieve the corporate objective: the transplantation of the human brain into a robot body over the next decade.

You can fund an extension of your life to immortality. We are very close to developing such technologies: it is not a science fiction fantasy. It’s up to you to ensure that this will happen in your lifetime“, wrote Itskov in a letter sent to the billionaires on the list of the magazine “Forbes”.

From vision to practice

The first offices of the “2045-Avatar” project are expected to open in San Francisco, while a social media networking campaign of scientists from different parts of the world is planned to be launched this year.

“The 2045 team is working feverishly to create an international research center where top scientists will work together to develop an anthropomorphic robot, “life system” models, brain, and consciousness.

These objectives will be in future aimed at the transfer of consciousness from the physical body of a person into an artificial body, thus achieving the immortality“, says Itskov on his official website.

“This would lead to the potential liberation of the human from health problems, old age, and natural death”, he emphasized.

Some questions remain unanswered though. Will something like this indeed be possible as soon as in 2045? And most importantly, if this ambitious plan gets implemented, how many of us would have the opportunity to get ourselves the immortal avatars?

After all, more often than not, such technologies are available only to the wealthiest people.

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