free global internetA team of IT-specialists from Media Development Investment Fund has developed a project of a new network access to the Internet, which will be completely free of charge and will cover the entire planet.

The product called Outernet provides placing miniature devices CubeSats on the orbit of the Earth, which will be capable of receiving data from ground stations and transferring them to the users. Outernet is something like a huge Wi-Fi-router, covering all continents.

Thus, the next step in the evolution of information technology will be made. Outernet will offer unprecedented convenience in use, which will guarantee the comfort of users, optimize the query execution time and provide high speed and quality of data processing.

The launch of hundreds of small satellites CubeSats is scheduled for the next year. Information transfer will be done through the “datacasting” technology, which involves the use of “wide” radio waves. According to the developers of the product, in this way Outernet will transmit Internet data to any Wi-Fi compatible device at any point on the globe.

Head of Innovation at MDIF Syed Karim stressed that Outernet will be unattainable for censorship and able to provide complete privacy of user information. If the company plans are implemented, even those users who are today outside the reach of the Internet or cannot afford it for financial reasons will have the opportunity to have Internet access.


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