Our current life situation is largely a result of what we believe. When we face certain inconvenient truths, we can change our lives for the better.

It’s much easier in life to blame your spouse, boss, society, the government, big business, neighbors and so on for your current situation. The most inconvenient yet powerful truth about life is that you have created your reality and you are the only one who can change it. This is actually totally empowering.

Read through the following 7 inconvenient truths to see which one has the power to change your life.

1. What you believe becomes your reality

This may sound like woo-woo. But one of the most powerful of all the inconvenient and neglected truths is that what you believe really does create your reality. What you believe affects what you think, feel, say, and do. Where you are today is a result of your past thoughts, words, and actions.

Any negative beliefs will end up causing negative situations. If you believe no one will ever love you, your actions, such as avoiding getting close to people, closing up and putting up barriers against the world will result in no one one loving you. You will then experience your belief as a reality.

2. The Universe owes you nothing

We often believe that we deserve to be rewarded for our efforts. We believe that we are owed certain things in our lives. This sense of entitlement gets in the way of achieving all that we desire.

The inconvenient truth is that the universe owes us nothing. It is also true that it is not out to get you. The universe treats everyone the same. Like the sun, which doesn’t shine more on good people than bad people. The universe is happy for all to share in its abundance.

When we feel entitled or resentful, we block our ability to create good things in our lives.

3. Other people don’t see things the way you do

We would like people to see things the same way we do. We would like everyone to share our values and beliefs and behave in ways that we consider fair, polite and appropriate.

Unfortunately, our view is not the ultimate truth that everyone else should follow. Other people have different ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

When we accept this and stop trying to bend others to our will, relationships of all kinds will run more smoothly. The inconvenient truth is that we are arrogant if we think that our way is the only right way.

4. You are responsible for your own happiness

When we decide we can’t be happy unless everything goes the way we want, we condemn ourselves to misery. No one is making you unhappy but you.

You can choose to think about what you want, walk away from anyone that you want and take whatever action you want. No one controls you but you.

We may blame other people, circumstances, society or even the weather when we are having a bad day. However, the truth is that only you get in the way of your own happiness.

5. Only you can change your life

We like to think that outside circumstances need to change in order for our lives to change. It will never happen this way because we create our own reality.

You may complain that you don’t have the money to start a business, or you aren’t good looking enough to find a partner. This is rubbish. If someone handed you a big pot of money to start a business today, what would you do? Is it all reliant or money or is there some action that isn’t? If there is an action that doesn’t rely on money, take it. Then you will change your life.

If you think you are too unattractive to find a mate, consider what you would do if you were more attractive. Would it make you confident enough to join a club, go out with your workmates, join a dating website? So take the action anyway. It’s not your appearance that is blocking you – it is your fear.

6. You always have a choice about how to react

Okay, so your circumstance might really suck at the moment. Perhaps you are in debt, or have suffered a loss, or are sick. You can’t always change your circumstances. However, you can always change the way you think, feel and act.

People who have suffered unimaginable losses, traumas and life-changing accidents still manage to be happy and successful. What’s different about them? Their attitude.

Feeling sorry for yourself and dwelling on the past won’t change a thing.

7. Now is the only moment you have

If you want to change your life, you have to understand that the only moment you have is this one, right now. Dwelling on the past and feeling depressed about it won’t change a thing. Worrying about the future won’t change a thing either. You have this moment only to make a change in your life. Do something different with this moment.

These truths may seem harsh. But they can change your perception of everything. They can change your life from ho-hum to amazeballs. I’m not saying it’s easy. I certainly don’t manage to achieve this level of clarity even half the time. But it’s worth trying to remember these inconvenient truths, as they hold the key to changing your life for the better.

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. barry

    While you make many valid points , I disagree with your assessment of the Universe .
    Your assertion is ” The universe treats everyone the same ” …. really ???
    Like those that live in third world countries , how does the universe provide for them ???
    Through ” Charity ” ??? …. then that’s not the Universe , that’s human kindness & compassion.
    How do you expect individuals who’s entire families have been burdened with death , destruction
    and misery to choose happiness …. are you implying they chose suffering instead , really???
    Do you expect them to take action by just packing up and moving to a more prosperous country ,
    especially if they’re banned from entering them , or not welcome at all .
    If I’m to comprehend that a person is what they believe , why would they create the reality of famine ,
    poverty , disease and despair ???
    I agree that the right attitude will provide far greater opportunities than ” bitterness & resentment ” .
    However , if oppression & subjugation are predisposed in the individuals DNA , passed down from generation
    to generation , I feel that the cycle is almost next to impossible to correct or break …. no matter how friggen
    determined you might be .
    I have often wondered how so many people , with minimal decency or character ascend to positions of great power .
    They indoctrinate elements of draconian punishment , in order to maintain compliance . Should you elect to disobey , consequences will be swift .
    How can you not blame governments & society for permitting such atrocities to take place , because the reality is ,
    ” LIFE is NOT Fair ” and regardless of how positive or happy you remain .
    So , when you say the Universe doesn’t owe you a thing …. I fuck’n beg to differ !!!
    I did not choose to be born into a family of manic depressives with their many associated dysfunctions , yet I inherited them . I will maintain that , I did not create this situation as you would suggest …. it was thrust upon me .

    1. xia

      I think your comment is more convncible then the Artical

  2. Kirstie Pursey

    Hi, Barry.

    You also make some very valid points. Life certainly isn’t fair, though I think this is often due to humans inhumanity to other humans. But of course, no-one asks to have bad things happen to them and in the case of mental illness, it isn’t a person’s fault that they and their families suffer. Life can be extraordinarily harsh and I don’t believe that people cause the tragedies that sometimes happen to them.

    I thought carefully about the words I wrote in this article because I was aware that they can seem harsh. My intention was not to hurt anyone but to offer a different way of thinking that might help people break free from a painful past. I hoped that my words might be empowering to those who are in difficult circumstances. However, I am sincerely sorry if my words have caused anyone pain.

    Best wishes

  3. J c pollen

    Anyone who has or is experiencing hard times for whatever reason that can manage to sincerely and custructively comment to help build a better world…has learned.

  4. Lind

    Must agree with every word Barry states….twould be really nice if we each really did have the control the article awards us, sadly Barry hits the nail on the head

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