If you are on a journey of inner transformation, these long-term techniques will help you look within yourself and achieve enlightenment.

I’ve been torn between two ways of living for most of my adult life. One is the way of comfort, and the other is the life of searching for enlightenment. They are almost stark contrasts. but both include attractive ideals. While it is possible to live a comfortable life of attaining enlightenment, it’s not always easy. Who am I kidding, it’s almost impossible.

So, after forty years on this earth, I have finally reached a conclusion. No matter how much everyone else wants me to live in comfort, I must find my purpose in life. This purpose is centered around knowledge of myself, apart from any other human being – an inner transformation that will be both raw and satisfying. I know the way, and I know the obstacles, and I can share with you how to attain your enlightenment as well.

These meditative processes and train of thoughts open the gateway to inner transformation and then onward to yes, you guessed it, enlightenment.


You must come to the realization that no one is responsible for your life but You – not your spouse, not your children nor any of your friends. This is a tough one since living in the world of blame is so prevalent.

Although not everything is within your control, you are still responsible for how you act and how you react as well. And taking responsibility is not the same as blaming yourself either. You cannot blame yourself any more than blaming others, it’s just not relevant to growth.

Meditate on taking responsibilities in all areas of life pertaining to your own life. This responsibility will lead toward growth in inner transformation.

Grasp excitement

Okay, this one may seem complicated, but hold on, I think I can explain in simple terms. Grasping excitement is not about the basic changes you need to make in order to embark on your journey of inner transformation. Grasping excitement is about making a change to pursue your dreams while on the journey.

Using your imagination and following your heart can lead to open doorways along your journey’s path. Here you will make decisions that reflect what you truly desire instead of what everyone else desires for you. It’s not about being rash or making irresponsible decisions, it’s about grasping the opportunity to have exactly what you want out of life.

Meditate on taking more chances, risks to bring about true inner fulfillment.

Devote to positive goals

Being positive shouldn’t be a forced thing. In fact, having positive goals is one of the best ways to navigate inner transformation. The key to this is not to be competitive with others. There is no rush, there is no deadline as to when you have to achieve your dreams. It is much more satisfying when you can take the journey with no pressure.

After all, setting goals should be one of the most stress-free parts of your life -it should be your life! Although inner transformation will be uncomfortable at times, goals can be wonderful dreams to keep alive.

Meditate on staying positive, knowing that your inner transformation is a unique process separate from any other human transformation. You are the master of your dreams.


It may be hard to accept, but some people must exit from your life. The reason for this is based on the idea that people, void of introspection, will live to feed off one another. When taking the journey toward enlightenment, your inner transformation will separate those who wish to continue to feed off you from those who are on a journey themselves.

I don’t mean that you should get rid of friends and family that have been with you for a lifetime. The fact remains that many people will fall away when they see that you have no need for them or cannot supply them with what they need to grow. Codependency will cut and scrape away any people who are not beneficial to your growth. Unfortunately, this must be done in order to continue the journey.

Meditate on which associations you should keep and which ones will no longer serve you. Then you can make a wise decision on the fate of your associates and friends.


Maybe it’s not about blaming others, taking responsibility or even chasing your dreams. Maybe all you need to do is look within and change a few things that might be hindering you from growth. Not every negative influence comes from outside, but not all of them are your fault either.

Self-observation will reveal whether you need to change bad habits, detoxify your body or be more supportive of others or whether you are taking abuse from someone you need to release. Maybe the largest problem in your life is a bad attitude and a wrong outlook on life. A few changes may be all it takes to ignite inner transformation.

Meditate on whether or not you may need to change a few things or areas in your life. It could be you or it could be someone of negative influence.

Accepting discomfort/moving forward

Until you learn to accept that some things will be uncomfortable, then you are not ready for the change. Inner transformation comes with pulling things away, ripping things off and avoiding all that doesn’t serve you.

Along with this, you will realize things about yourself that aren’t pleasing either, and you must come to terms with how to process this information. Moving forward means going through tempering and when tempering is complete, you will shine like never before.

Meditate on how you can accept discomfort and make it work toward a healthy and happy future. Sometimes it’s darkest…yeah, you get the picture.

It’s time. Master yourself and push ahead. The road may be long and paved with horrible incidences, but the road will lead to paradise if you take it. Inner transformation, for me, has become so attractive that comfort has fallen by the wayside. I hear the voice of reason nagging me from my comfortable chair which sits in front of the television. It says, “Come back home where it’s safe.”

But there’s a louder voice, a voice which whispers in screams, promising a light brighter than any other.

“I’m waiting, come find me.”

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  1. Faujeah

    It’s just fantastic and learning topic to go ahead.very good information. Thanks.

  2. Chris Kerr

    Very good, simle, uncomlecated. When it comes time to shed the parasites it is very obvious who doesnt matter.

  3. Sherrie Hurd, A.A.


    Just keep in mind, that your mental health matters more than who needs you. You cannot be any help to others if you are struggling with negative energies from others. This is how I see parasites and how they can harm us.

  4. Sherrie Hurd, A.A.


    Thank you so much for reading.

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