It is probable that intelligent extraterrestrial life exists and the aliens are already “looking at us in the face” in a form that is beyond human perception, supports Queen Elizabeth’s astronomer.

Lord Martin Rees, an astronomer of the royal family and president of Britain’s Royal Society, said it is very likely that we have not yet seen aliens in space or on Earth simply because intelligent extraterrestrial life is beyond our understanding.

He made these statements after the first international conference on the possible existence of extraterrestrial life with the title of “The detection of extraterrestrial life and the consequences for science and society“, organized by the scientific academy of the country.

Perhaps they are watching us and we just do not recognize it. The problem is that we are searching for something looking a lot like us, thinking that intelligent extraterrestrial life forms at least have similar math and technology,” said the scientist.

I suspect that there may be life and intelligence in forms we cannot even imagine. Just like a chimpanzee is not able to understand quantum physics, there may exist aspects of reality that are beyond the perception abilities of our brains,” he added.

However, the American scientist Frank Drake, a leading “alien hunter” in the world and co-founder of the program SETI, aimed at the search for extraterrestrial signals, argued that the “digital revolution” of recent decades makes humanity invisible to aliens, as well as dramatically reducing the emission of radio signals from Earth to space.

Today, the Earth is surrounded by a “shell” at the distance of 50 light-years, which comes from emissions of older analog televisions, radios, and radars.

But despite the signals that have spread enough to have reached many nearby star systems, they disappear quickly because the newer digital technology leaves almost imperceptible earthy “traces” in space.

Drake believes that digital modern TV signals would look more like “noise” to any alien observers if intelligent extraterrestrial life exists.

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  1. stephen

    if they indeed have made contact and they can see us AND they know we cant see them, its safe to assume if they are smart enough to have made contact with us. THEY ALSO would be smart enough to make themselves appear to us.

  2. Badjesus

    it would also mean “they” were SOCIOPATHS in their choice to allow widespread suffering without interference in it’s prevention ala some self imposed self righteous PRIME DIRECTIVE. The concept of rhe Zoo Hypothesis (keeping us in bubble to”observe us”) OR watching us with machines (UFOS – .. cue eye roll) and NOT making direct contact with us always baffled me for it’s hypocrisy. “Lets watch but not interact as it’s unethical for us to interfere with new life’s development” ..NON INTERACTION in face of catastrophe IS an ACT and imposes their “ethical standards” (lack thereof) upon us. …AND WHY must there only be “one alien race observing us” ?? If 2 exist (us and “them”) logically there’d be 3 .. 4.. 195.. 3,678 .. 853,853, etc, civilizations in the observable universe. TWO TRILLION galaxies last estimation ..lotta real estate.. who AlL COINCIDENTALLY CHOOSE to not make contact with us? … Absurd.
    1. Alien’s are NOT watching us because we’re alone in the entirety of the Universe.
    2. Aliens are NOT watching us because Faster Than Light Travel ISN’T possible nor insurmountable
    For now.

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