If you have difficulties in interacting with an introvert, this fun guide will help you.

Television, advertising, and all sorts of books and articles on “how to become successful” impose an image of an easy-going and open person. However, there are a lot of introverts, and they are no inferior to extroverts but can be even more powerful in many senses. After all, numerous introverted writers, artists, and scientists immersed in their inner world made huge contributions to society.

We introverts aren’t really that different from everyone else, we just get our energy from being alone. We enjoy solitude and require it in order to recharge our batteries. That isn’t to say we don’t like people or that we aren’t good with crowds. It just means that once we’ve done all of that, we need time alone to rejuvenate.

Interacting with an introvert in your life just means you need to become used to dealing with them and their alone time. To help you on your way to understanding the quiet ones, artist Schroeder Jones created a fun guide that perfectly captures what introversion is all about.

Understanding an introvert

Introverts essentially live in a human-sized ‘hamster ball’, as the below guide puts it. As we said, the distinct trait of “true introverts” has to do with the source they get their energy from.

Extroverted people draw their energy from their environment. They absorb the “positive vibes” around them, and so they need a lot of social interactions.

On the contrary, introverts produce their energy themselves and instead of taking it from others, they give it out in social contact. This means that too many interactions are exhausting for them, which creates the need to recharge.

According to the guide, this energy is a limited resource, and that is why introverts tend to regards extroverts as ‘predators’ trying to steal their precious ‘treasure’.

Thus, the main thing you need to understand about introverts is that we sometimes need our own space. This doesn’t mean we have to be alone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but it does mean that every now and then, we need complete alone time to spend it doing whatever we want.

That doesn’t mean we don’t like spending time with you, far from it, but appreciating our personal space is the way to go when trying to understand your introvert.

Get to know the signs that we are fed up with human company and know when to bow out. Learn when we want to leave the party without us having to tell you and understand that sometimes we just want to stay in and read a book whilst you go out with your friends. Understand what your introvert likes to do and give them lots of opportunities to do so.

Interacting with an introvert

Introverts like to socialise too, so when you’re invited to a family event or a friend’s party, it doesn’t mean we won’t come with you, but just remember that our energy is limited.

Too many social interactions are overwhelming for a quiet person, especially if they revolve around small talk and shallow communication.

Whilst you extroverts may be able to party the night away with a crowd of people, just remember that our energy is very quickly sapped by other people so develop something that works best for you.

If you’d rather stay out, agree beforehand that you will stay on whilst they go home or compromise to leave at a certain time. Interaction with others can be exhausting for introverts, so bear this in mind when you’re interacting yourself and when you’re around others.

The guide below emphasizes that it is important to give the introvert a feeling of being approved and welcome. When a quiet person senses that someone doesn’t want them around, they will withdraw and will make sure they spend as little energy as possible on such interaction.

We already have limited energy, remember? So wasting it on the wrong people and dull conversations just doesn’t make sense.

Introverts tend to like to speak about deeper things rather than shallow gossip, for example. Look to make a meaningful conversation with your introvert and create a deep connection between the two of you. They will appreciate it and if the topic is something that will make them think, they will love you even more for it.

Sometimes, the best way to approach an introvert is to let them know you’re available if they want to hang out, but don’t push to be around them.

Let them come to you when they’re ready and always remember: if they’re silent, it’s not an insult! They’re probably unsure of how to carry on the conversation or are thinking about the topic in their head before they respond.

Enjoy Dr. Carmella’s fun guide to interacting with an introvert by Schroeder Jones:

interacting with an introvert infographic

Just like extroverts, introverts need love and companionship too. Follow this guide, and the introvert in your life will appreciate you so much more for it.

If you’ve found this guide helpful, send it on to someone you know and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Infographic credit: Schroeder Jones

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