introvertsTelevision, advertising, and all sorts of books and articles on “how to become successful” impose an image of an easy-going and open person.

However, there are a lot of introverts, and they are no worse than extroverts but even better from many points. In the end, writers, artists, and scientists immersed in their inner world always brought huge benefits to society.

Nowadays introverts live in web space, as evidenced by the huge number of forums and online communities.

What is introversion?

Introverts live as if enclosed in a human-sized ball. The main particularity of “true introverts”, unlike just closed people, has to do with the way they get their energy.

Extroverted people draw their energy from their environment. They absorb the “positive energy” around them, and so they need a lot of social interactions.

On the contrary, introverts themselves produce their energy and instead of taking it from others, they give it in social contact. This means that most interactions are tiring for them, and they need time to recharge.

This energy is a limited resource that is why introverts tend to see extroverts as terrible predators trying to steal their sweet nectar of energy and need this personal space “ball”.

How to interact with an introvert?

If someone is an introvert it does not mean that he or she does not like to be in the company of other people. Just many social contacts are wasteful for such a person, and he or she does not want to waste energy on something annoying.

When meeting with an introvert be polite and relaxed and try to show that you recognize and approve their presence.

For an introvert it is important to feel welcome: he or she does not want to waste his/her precious energy on someone who does not want him or her in their environment.

If you have interesting and important news to mention, tell them. But try to avoid gossips. Now introvert knows that you have a friendly approach and are open to interaction.


  • Respect the introvert’s personal space (“human-sized ball”).
  • Introvert’s energy is limited.
  • Do not take their silence as an offense.
  • Introverts can feel lonely too.
Valerie Soleil, B.A., LL.B.

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