People with INTJ personality are quite rare, and some of their traits and behaviors can be confusing. This article contains some of the ways in which INTJ personalities can be different from others and some explanations of this.

The way people with INTJ personality traits interact with the world can be very strange to those around them.

If you aren’t used to what is going on, you may find yourself lost in a sea of misunderstandings. For this reason, here are a few traits and behaviors of INTJs with explanations:

1. They need to be by themselves.

One of the most common traits of this personality type is that INTJs like their own company. The world is divided into extroverts and introverts, with extroverts being the majority. What many people find strange about INTJ people is that they like their own company.

Now that we have more reliance on digital devices, more people are on their own, of course. The stigma is still there though – INTJs are odd.

Everyone needs to have some alone time, nobody disputes that. It is when people start saying that they are happy to be alone. This is when the problems start. The traits of the INTJ personality aren’t bad in and of themselves. But they can be taken as bad when other people don’t understand them.

2. They often don’t find romance until later in life.

While dating starts in the teenage years for most people, this isn’t true for everyone. The people who are alone are normally INTJ personalities. This is one of the INTJ traits that many people find confusing. They themselves like to be with someone in a special way; why not everyone else?

This is not a bad thing, in and of itself. Most people like this are happy. They want other people to be happy too. It is odd to them that someone can be happy without another person in their life.

Many people are happy on their own (including many people with INTJ personality). Many people need someone else in their lives to make them happy. INTJ can be anywhere in between. What is certain is that they are less likely to start as soon as other personality types.

3. They are easily annoyed.

People with INTJ personality are often easily annoyed. Quite a lot of people can get annoyed with certain events and people. INTJ personalities often have a whole series of events where everything can annoy them.

This is strange to many people because they don’t react the same way. Everyone has their own problems, but an INTJ personality seems to take everything absolutely personally. Some people might actually find this offensive if they assume that they are the cause of it.

INTJ personality traits can be strange and annoying to people who aren’t used to them. They can be strange and annoying to an INTJ too, who may not understand what is going on.

4. They can have sensory difficulties.

People with INTJ personality can have sensory difficulties. Most people do not have these issues. It can be very difficult to understand sensory difficulties when you don’t have them yourself. Things like being unable to handle certain kinds of touch, for example – some INTJ’s can be fine with one type of touch, but not another. They can also be changeable as to what types of touch they like and are comfortable with.

People can be impatient when they face something they don’t understand. INTJs can be quite difficult to keep up with, and their sensory issues only make that more complicated. Normally people just have to work around being different personalities. Sensory issues add another dimension to the problem.

5. They can be hurtful

Another trait of people who have the INTJ personality type is that they can be very single-minded in pursuit of their goals. They can be so single-minded, in fact, that they can steamroller over everyone in their path.

This can lead to people feeling like an INTJ has deliberately targeted them. Hurt feelings make it a lot harder for people to listen to each other. This just exacerbates the problem and means that everyone ends up feeling hurt and left out.

INTJ personality traits aren’t for everyone. If you are going to be friends with an INTJ, then you need to be aware of the potential for this.

6. They are very private.

Many people like sharing aspects of their lives. People with the INTJ personality type, however, are normally quite intensely private. An INTJ will, therefore, be someone who you can trust implicitly. They will never reveal what you have to tell them because they never reveal anything anyway.

Somebody who is like this will perhaps not even realise that this is the case. They are simply so used to being in their own thoughts.

7. They can leave suddenly.

When you are working on group work, or in a group activity, some INTJ people can get up and leave. This seems strange, but don’t worry. It has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with the person themselves. It can sometimes mean that people are changeable in what they want.

Some people can change their minds about what they want to do. Some people won’t change their minds but find that they need a change of pace. Going off on their own for a while can help them keep their energy up. A small time to themselves, and they will return ready for more group time!



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  1. Marinaleigh Catalano

    This article made me laugh at some parts because they are so, “hit the nail on the head” in regards to myself. Like the “get up and leave” thing. I did that just the other day, without a word, just put my shopping basket down on the floor where I was standing in line and walked right out of the store after becoming enormously irritated with, well, something. I just had to leave. I’m autistic too as are both of my sons, one of which is an aspie. I don’t have anyone I call “friend” and the three acquaintances I have think I’m super weird, so does the one sister I like & talk to occasionally bless her troubled heart, but I still prefer her over the other 3. Thank you for the article, i’m not big on commenting but your article just made me want to say something about it to you. I Think i must be an autistic INTJ personality type and I’m happy to be so.

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