Introspection has many benefits that help us live a healthy and happy life.

As human beings, we have a concoction of feelings and emotions ranging from happiness and anger to melancholy and frustration. Sometimes, we disconnect from our inner self and get lost in the chaos and intricacies of life.

It is when we need to reflect and process our thoughts and emotions. In non-technical language, it is called introspection. When we explore our inner soul, we are then able to analyze our thoughts and the way we react to situations.

To know other benefits of introspection, you need to read on this list:

1. It Helps You Understand Your Existence on the Earth

Firstly, you need to understand that you are a small but significant part of this universe. Your actions and contributions drive the world. Want to know how?

For example, if you are an honest person, you are multiplying the virtue of honesty to the people around you. By the same token people try to inculcate the habits they have learned through their lives. Similarly, your dealings with others can influence others.

In simpler words, you are the one who will either influence the world or get influenced. Hence, it is important to understand personality, values, and desires. We have to realize that we can drive change in the world and, therefore, we are not merely just here to consume resources.

2. You Become an Enlightened Person

All of the great spiritual leaders unshackled themselves from the slavery of ignorance only when they detached themselves from worldly and materialistic pursuits. There are no internal conflicts, just mental harmony and serenity that keep you at peace within!

3. Relives You of Anxieties

The nervous energy is what keeps you from seeing things in perspective. When you are worried, you automatically assume the worst and lose sight of a solution. In other words, your mind tends to dwell on the adverse repercussions of a situation rather than finding a solution.

You resort to thinking over things that should not matter and then things out of your control. Introspection provides you the right frame of reference to problems in a way that leads to its solution.

It teaches you about how you should respond to situations rather than get panicked and mess it up. In nutshell, introspection gives you more control over your behavior pattern when you are in a difficult situation.

4. It Provides You Clarity of Thoughts

It implies that once you know yourself, you are in a far better position to respond accordingly in situations and not react out of impulse. Imagine a dispute where instead of hearing out the other party (and by hearing I mean actually listening) you’re devising an answer to win your side of the argument. In the case of the former, a speedy resolution of the matter will take place.

When the rush of thoughts clouds your judgment or bias seeps in, introspection helps you reach a decision based on objective thinking.

Final Words…

As mentioned in my opening para that when you look deep within your soul, introspection creeps in. By employing your internal energies, you can certainly attain peace. How do you connect with that energy?

It is through your mind. Because when you ponder, you tend to tap more into that inner self. As a result, you tend to question your purpose of existence on this planet. Hence the stronger the mind’s energy the more at peace (soulful) you’d feel.

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  1. Don

    Of the four written in this article, I have found the fourth, clarity of thoughts, to have been most useful for me in real life. A good listener is a gift. It provides time for that all important part of any discussion or argument which is ‘to consider’. Without listening and considering, an answer instead is being developed as mentioned by the author and can quickly turn into no more than a kids ‘oh yeah/yeah’ exchange which is useless. The importance of listening cannot be overstated. A person always gains something by it, even if it is no more than being seen as a listener.

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