If your dominant cognitive function is Introverted Intuition, you have gifts and powers that can improve your life and make a difference in the world.

What is introverted intuition?

The “N” in INFJ, INFP, INTP, and INTJ personality types stands for iNtuition. This means that these personality types gather and process information primarily using an Intuitive style rather than a Sensing style. INTJ and INFJ personalities use a form of Intuition called Introverted Intuition (Ni). If you have these characteristics, you will be introverted rather than extroverted and will use intuition rather than sensing to process information.

What is an introvert?

Many people believe that introverts are shy and reclusive. However, this is not strictly true. Introverts do, however, focus more on their inner world than the outer world. In addition, introverts are energized by time alone whereas extroverts are energized by interacting with others.

What is an intuitive?

Each of us is dominant in either sensing or intuiting. Those with a preference for sensing tend to take information from their senses at face value. Those with an intuitive preference tend to interpret and add meaning to information using their intuition. These personality types are always looking for the meaning behind information, beyond just the concrete facts.

What does it mean to be an introverted intuitive?

So, if your dominant cognitive function is introverted intuition, you tend to spend a lot of time in your inner world and make sense of information by using your intuition. Introverted intuitives can often feel like they don’t quite fit in with the world around them. This may be because our current society values the material world so highly and is suspicious of anything that cannot be seen, recorded, and measured.

Our society also seems to value extroverts over introverts. In a culture of celebrity, getting noticed is very highly valued. Often, the carefully considered contributions of introverts are overlooked.

Our current society is unbalanced because we fail to appreciate all types of personality. It is similar to the way ‘masculine’ traits have been valued over ‘feminine’ traits in our patriarchal society.

This is a shame because if your dominant cognitive function is introverted intuition, you have gifts and powers that can improve your life and make a difference in the world. Introverted Intuitives have many valuable insights to share with others.

Luckily, the traits of introversion and intuition have begun to be taken more seriously recently. This is bringing more balance to our world. If you are an Introverted Intuitive, you can use your traits to enhance your life and make the world a better place.

Here are just a few ways your introverted intuition can help you with that:

1. When you speak – people listen

Extroverts have no trouble speaking up and this is often a good thing. However, they sometimes speak even when they don’t really have much of value to add to the conversation.

Introverts, on the other hand, are very comfortable with silence. They are really good listeners and, if they have nothing of value to add to the conversation, they will happily stay quiet. Introverted Intuitives will speak only when they have thought through the issue at hand and believe they have something of value to contribute.

For this reason, when Introverted Intuitives speak, others listen. Anyone who regularly communicates with an Introverted Intuitive will come to recognize that when they speak what they have to say will be well thought through, insightful, and worth attending to.

2. You often have amazing insights

Those with a strong sensing function, rather than intuition, tend to take things at face value. For them, seeing is believing. However, an Introverted Intuitive has a deep connection with their intuition and can use it to gain many insights.

Introverted Intuitives often solve problems by leaping between different ideas, looking at the big picture, recognizing patterns and metaphors and by following their gut instincts. This can help them achieve insights that others would never make.

3. You are future-focused

When struggling with a problem, many people tend to look to the past for a solution. They ask how a similar problem has been solved before.

Introverted Intuitives think differently. They are more open to new possibilities and able to use their intuition to come up with new solutions and ways of doing things. This is why Introverted Intuitives are great innovators and problem solvers.

4.  Your intuition helps you to avoid mistakes.

By listening to their intuition, Introverted Intuitives can often avoid making mistakes. Introverted Intuitives are very aware of their surroundings and other people and often notice when something is not quite right. This often comes from the subconscious – an intuitive will know something is wrong without knowing how they know.

Introverted Intuitives listen to their intuition and analyze what is causing these feelings. In this way, they can avoid costly and even dangerous mistakes.

5. Your ego doesn’t get in the way

Because Introverted Intuitives focus heavily on their inner world, they are less swayed by the values of society. Money, power and fame don’t really tempt them because they don’t see them as very important. This means that Introverted Intuitives are less swayed by the needs of the ego and better able to stick to their own inner values.

Closing thoughts

Introverted intuition is a gift that can help us navigate our lives and make the world a better place. We should never be ashamed of these traits, even if others think we are too quiet or spend too much time in our own heads. People who think only from a rational perspective may think our intuition is weird or nonsense – but we know better.

We’d love to know how you use your intuition to help you. Please share it with us in the comments below.


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  1. Maurice Gauna

    This describes me almost 100% I can always spot when others are not being complete with facts and can usually fill in the blanks silently. I possess an extremely sharp analytical mind and can see past the superficial facts being given and discover in my head what really is being presented. If i dont i will research any fact necessary til satisfied. When it comes to interacting socially i do not fully display my gift of insight rather showing a carefree naive person which is part of me as well but i make it a point to do so and only those close to me who i trust i share my wisdom and fully open up to.

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