If you are an introvert, then you probably love autumn, just like I do. I can say with certainty that it’s my favorite time of the year.

There is nothing like the season of fallen leaves, rainy days and hours spent at home with a warm drink and a good book. While most people complain about the rain and long for summer cheerfulness, introverts truly thrive in the fall season.

It seems that introversion and autumn are meant for each other. So what is that makes introverts enjoy this time of the year so much?

1. It gets less crowded outside

We introverts may not be the fans of going out in the common sense of this word – such as clubbing or hanging out with a company of friends. However, we like outdoor activities too – they are just different from what most people prefer.

If you are an introvert, you would probably love to take a walk in a shady park or sit in a quiet café nearby, enjoying a cup of aromatic coffee and reading your book. Still, in summer, a peaceful walk in the park often turns into a struggle for survival among the crowds of noisy kids and loud teenagers.

In autumn, things change: children start a new school year and people of all ages spend more time indoors. How fascinating it is to roam deserted streets on a rainy day and watch colorful leaves fall…

2. You have a good excuse to stay at home

The fact that people now spend less time outside has one more benefit for introverts. It becomes more generally accepted if someone prefers to stay at home, which means that you don’t have to explain yourself all the time.

Also, it means that you don’t get invited to social occasions the same often as in summer. But even when you are, there is always a good and plausible excuse, such as bad weather or being sick with a cold. So you can enjoy the quiet of your home and get involved in your favorite activities while listening to the calming sound of falling drops.

3. Autumn is a season of inspiration

autumn person

Another reason why introverts love autumn is the special atmosphere it brings. This season has long been a source of creative inspiration for poets, writers and artists.

No surprise that it mesmerizes and inspires many introverts who happen to be creative and deep thinking individuals. Watching nature’s gorgeous transformation is enough to give you fresh ideas and new insights, no matter what way you release your creative energy.

4. Autumn provokes reflection and teaches us important life lessons

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go

Autumn demonstrates the fluidity and changeability of everything in life. It reminds us of the eternal cycle of existence and inspires us to embrace the change. It shows us how important it is to let go in order to make a fresh start and teaches us to accept the transition to a different stage in life.

All these lessons we can learn from nature in autumn are a great food for thought and reflection – something that most introverts would certainly appreciate.

5. Autumn is a perfect time for solitude and solo activities

Loud summer with its open air parties, group activities and crowded beaches is over. Autumn is a realm of thoughtfulness, solitude and beautiful sadness. It’s a season when the time seems to slow down, just like everything in nature. And that’s exactly why we introverts love autumn – it allows us to recharge our batteries after the summer adventures and enjoy alone time doing our favorite activities.

So what are you waiting for? Make yourself a cup of herbal tea, take a book you’ve long wanted to read and enjoy the coziness of your home this autumn. 🙂

Do you love autumn? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.

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  1. Gina

    I really do love autumn it’s one of the most colorful season beside spring . And what can be more enjoyable than a walk outside while the leaves are making their warm cracking noises stepping on them?
    Life can be so beautiful in the change of seasons .

    1. Anna LeMind

      thanks for your inspiring comment! Indeed, the sound of crispy leaves is one of the most comforting sounds in nature, and a walk in the park on a warm September day is pure inspiration!

  2. Priya Patel

    This post is so well written that I just don’t have any argument to disagree about introverts loving autumn. It’s indeed the most colorful season and things do calm down during this season. I never thought about it this way in the past. However, there are always exceptions. I describe myself as a strong introverted individual and fall is the season I dislike the most because I easily catch a cold and it’s always a struggle in my mind as to what to wear when I go out without looking ridiculous. Fall season basically stresses me in my head. Summer manages to relax my mind and to make me happier.

    1. Anna LeMind

      thanks for your comment! different people like different things based on their preferences and experiences, so I’m sure that there are many introverts who love summer, just like you do. 🙂 after all, each season has its own beauty and charm.

  3. sue thompson

    Growing up, I was always called quiet, shy, and the one I hated most, backward! It wasn’t till my late teens, that I discovered the word, “introvert” and a light went off….hey, this is ME!….and there are others just like me!! That was one of my best days!!
    All summer I crave and yearn for fall. I love the dreary, gray days when a gentle rain brings the leaves floating down…..and the SMELL….there’s nothing like it.
    I love to light a candle and snuggle down with some hot tea and a magazine, with one of my cats beside me…..the only noises are the occasional leaves hitting the window and purring. This has gotta be close to Heaven.

    1. Anna LeMind

      thanks for your beautiful comment! I know what you mean about craving for fall and I often feel this way too since my favorite time of the year is from September to December 🙂

  4. nashrah aziz

    Thanks for reminding me the old memories of autumn and way to the university campus in a foggy morning with a bag on my back n a soft drizzling after having a morning breakfast with my mother with a warm cup of tea and influenza herbal remedy of honey and cinnamon paste that awesome journey in a bus at window seat n wait for the river indus scenic view of fog cloud n sunlight.. Thanks anna!

  5. Kristol

    This article really touched me. Its so accurate. I love fall. The kids are back in school and I get the house to myself during the day, the hot humid air is gone and I look forward to a long cozy winter in the house. I haven’t even mentioned the beauty of the leaves and looking forward to the upcoming holidays!

  6. shardofvisions

    but what about if i tell you that i’m the one who concocts the autumn?

  7. Marie Potgieter

    Bursting ideas…my home is autumn colours. I love autumn reds, yellows, beiges, browns so very warm and inviting for my ever searching mind. Giving me peace of mind…I do morning pages and my writing keeps me busy and creative everywhere in and around the house. I knit, paint, cook and draw all inspired by autumn. I love filling reed baskets with autumn leaves or throwing them on a woodfire the smell of autumn leaves soothes my soul. When I am being silly I throw dry leaves up in the air and imagine a wedding day in a forest with all the colors raining down on me…

  8. Kat

    I’m so glad I found this article. It was quoted in a post I saw and I had to track it down. This is truly amazing!

  9. Ron

    What a great article. I can certainly relate. i am an introvert and I absolutely LOVE Autumn for all of the reasons that you listed. Thank you

  10. Mowgli

    Damn, it’s not even summer yet and I’m so longing for autumn right now. This is the best discription of an introvert’s love for that special part of the year! “Best” meaning that I agree with everything written above and feel exactly the same about it. : )
    Sweet read!

  11. Alan Toner

    Great article! I too love autumn, and winter too, for that matter. I have always DESPISED hot, sweaty summer, with all the annoying things its brings – from noisy idiots to uncomfortable nights – and amid this irritating heatwave am longing for the return of cooler weather.

  12. Sweetkilling

    Great article.The crowds and noise are my pet peeve.The extreme heat and continuous high pressure weather…ugh.Im a fall person period.I love fourth of July,dont get me wrong.The fourth of July means that the next holidays are in the fall and that makes me smile.The change in temperatures,the apples and pumpkin spice,Halloween and football.Like you said,school is back in and you find yourself in alot more quiet surroundings.Autumn just makes me smile.

  13. Mark

    It’s great to know there is people out there who feel the same autumn brings peace of mind 🍂

  14. Moira

    Autumn is the most beautiful of all the seasons (yes I know we need the other seasons as well) The colour’s of the trees
    really put me in a good space. I am sure that when I comment on the colours of the trees and its beauty, my family must think that I am crazy….. but I truly appreciate the wonders God has bestowed upon us…absolute peaceful beauty

    I agree with your article 100%

  15. Maggie

    I’m an introvert, but don’t love autumn. So many temperature changes, I don’t know how to dress for the weather. Perhaps because I am a Summer in SCA, I tend to dislike fall colors. By November I’m sick of the orange pumpkins that I put up for mom. I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas. I don’t Halloween because I don’t really like spooky things, I love sunlight, which is less and less in Autumn. I like late winter, spring, and summer because I can decorate with pink roses which I love. I can’t understand why people are so jazzed to experience Autumn or are over the moon to learn they are
    classed as Autumn in SCA. I thank God, DNA, or both I am a Summer and ask myself what I would do if
    I where classed Autumn. I think my whole wardrobe would be teal, forest green, burgundy, cream, and light beige as these are the only Autumn color I can live with for more then three weeks.

  16. Dominique

    So I am not completely lost. F*ck Summer, give me November all day every day. Also you can leave your window open with the light on because all the nerve inducing bugs won’t fly into your room. Even better is mid December when it’s completely dark at 16:30. Perfect does exist at those times. No sweat, no nothing, just sincere climate. Feeling cold? Make a Tea and get a blanket. No need to waste money by cranking the heating unit up

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