clairvoyanceMany researchers who accept the existence of clairvoyance consider it an ability, not a gift. It means that, in their opinion, there is a certain group of gifted people, but all people may have extrasensory perception abilities.

In particular, it is said that from infancy we are perceptive, but since we gradually adapt to the social reality within the family and later within the school environment, our contact with the astral level becomes lighter, until it disappears completely.

Within church circles the phenomenon of clairvoyance is not denied, but this gift of God is believed to be given to people who live an ascetic life. Therefore, purity of soul and obedience to divine commands are required to

 be given this power from God. Thus, the Church explains why monks by praying and a severe ascetic way of life have the ability to “see” beyond the present, because they have overcome the cosmic level and evolve within the astral one.

The major part of esoterics, in their turn, claims that all people have the ability of clairvoyance, but not all have an access to it. Few are those who attempt to practice and manage to activate it. In this view, enormous reserves of patience and perseverance are required. So the clairvoyance develops according to the effort that one has made.

Many people confuse clairvoyance with telepathy. However, a basic difference separates these two phenomena. In telepathy, information is transmitted from the brain of the transmitter to the one of the receiver. In clairvoyance, the source of information is outside and far away from any human stimulus. It happens on the so-called astral plane.

Intuition is equally often confused with clairvoyance. The power of intuition is also one of the subcategories of ESP, but refers to the ability of some people to feel future events in general.

According to religions such as Buddhism, intuition is one of the highest gains of meditation. Those who have reached this level, feel other people’s magnetic fields. There are several grades of intuition: from the understanding of the health state of other people, up to the experiencing of their emotions.

So, intuition leaves the taste of a very intense feeling while clairvoyance creates a clearly visible image in the mind of the receiver.

Finally, there is the so-called clairaudience. This ability is also included the in the ESP group, but some researchers consider it a branch of clairvoyance.

Clairaudience, as it shows from its etymological meaning (clear + hearing) is the possibility of some people to receive messages by perceiving auditory stimuli (sounds, voices, noises).

These stimuli transmit sound pulses to the brain, which processes them as messages. Their distinction and interpretation are of course quite difficult, that is why clairaudience is considered a rare capacity.

However, there are other psychic abilities that are confused with clairvoyance, but it should be understood that only clairvoyance, in the strict sense, involves a certain visual perception.


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