In science fiction (such as “Star Trek”), teleportation is a usual thing. But is teleportation possible in reality and how much time and effort would be necessary to submit the data required for human teleportation?

Students at the Physics Department of the University of Leicester Declan Roberts, James Nelms, Suzanne Thomas, and David Starkey attempted to find the answer to this difficult question.

The students found that the energy required for the teleportation of one individual depends on the bandwidth, which automatically means less time, but the increase in power consumption.

In their work, the students explored the possibility of teleportation of one person on the Earth’s surface into space orbit. Before the teleportation starts, each person should be ‘submitted’ to the form of data that can be sent. At baseline, the data will be transmitted in pairs of DNA in each cell.

All information of each human cell is estimated to take about 10^10 bits, and each cell will contain enough information to produce any other type of body cell.

The recovery of human thinking is not an easy task. The complete data about the traveler’s brain should take about 2,6 x 10^42 bits. Having analyzed the basic data about the person, the students managed to calculate the time and power required to teleport people from the Earth to the chosen point in space.

It was found that the time required for the full human teleportation from Earth to space is a huge problem. Even with the 29.5-30 GHz bandwidth 4,85 x 10^15 years would be required. The universe is 14 billion years old (14 x 10^9), so the teleportation of one person takes 350,000 times longer than the age of our universe. Perhaps it is faster to walk on foot…

So, is teleportation possible after all? Unfortunately, fast and energy-efficient teleportation is not available at the moment, and seems to remain so for quite a long time…

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  1. Dimas Trejo

    I believe That I have teleported the first human With out their consent though But at least it worked out I still need to repeat it again to make sure Because even I couldn’t believe it When and after it had happened

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