Is the world flat? You will probably think that I’m joking; yet, a controversial theory argues that our planet is flat.

If you’re not careful, and you have an open mind, you might just fall into one of many conspiracy theories out there, and trust me, it’s easier than you think. We grow up utilizing information passed down from our parents, teachers and leaders, information that we acquire which molds the way we think.

It is true, that most of this information is trusted and proven, according to mathematics and physics. Then there are new theories born, attempting to blend fact with variables. With these theories, we develop conspiracy ideas, and those who read our research become gullible, as our choice words start to make sense.

Although they are, for the most part, far-fetched and sometimes dangerous, I find conspiracy theories entertaining.

And what modern theory grasps our attention? It’s not a new idea but it keeps gaining and failing in momentum throughout the ages. One decade shows the idea having thousands of followers, only to reveal, a few decades later, that the idea has decreased in popularity and has only a few hundred loyal believers.

What is this theory, you might ask? It’s the Flat Earth theory, which asks the question Is the world flat? and says yes! Hold on to your pants, I’m about to take you on a trip around the world.

What’s the Flat Earth Theory?

We learned centuries ago that the earth was really a sphere. Now, the Flat Earth Society is trying to unlearn that fact.

The Flat Earthers believe that NASA is a liar, that the trip to the moon was faked and so were many other images taken during other space missions. To them, it’s all been a trick.

In the beginning, the collective idea was that the earth was flat. In the 6th Century B.C., however, Greek philosopher, Pythagoras revealed that the earth was indeed a sphere. It took the Chinese until the 16th century to catch up with the collective remainder of the world.

So, is the world flat? Why are we still fighting this notion? Seems rather ridiculous. But to be fair, the flat earth simply means that the earth is a disc, not a sphere. The Society believes that continents are arranged across a parallel distance with the Arctic being at the center and the Antarctic being the ice wall on the borders of our world. Hmmm, strange.

The Flat Earth society

The group heading this outrageous idea is the Flat Earth Society. Who’d have guessed it, huh? Samuel Shentin from Dover, Britain, established the group in 1956. The space race, during the 60s, destroyed much of the societies following due to the first moon landing of the Apollo.

This exploration sent back images of the round earth, which all but eliminated the Flat Earth theory. Astonishingly, in the 1970s, followers of the Flat Earth Society reached numbers reaching 3,500, which doesn’t really make sense, since the evidence was right under their noses.

Of course, you know their reasons for this new idea. They claim the images from the Apollo mission were faked and that the earth was indeed flat. Sigh…

Wait! Let’s stop here a moment and take something important into consideration. If you want to believe something, you will make it happen. The evidence can be right there and yet, you will see what you want to see. It’s just that simple. So, with this in mind, you have to understand the mentality of the conspiracy. There will always be room for doubt, even when the evidence stares you right in the face.

Check out this video to learn more about the arguments that support the Flat Earth theory:

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As time passed, each doubt was addressed with an answer from trusted sources, leaders and teachers. Each conspiracy was turned on its head. As we approached the 21st century, numbers, within the ranks of the Flat Earth Society, began to dwindle. In 2004, there were only 500 followers of the controversial theory.

Grasp another straw, why don’t you.

During the 1970s, Charles K. Johnson said that if the earth was round, then bodies of water should show curvature. He states that when he measured the surface of Lake Tahoe, there was only a flat surface.

Well, duh! The curvature is not so severe as that. The immense scale of the earth would cause only a slight curvature that would have to be measured over hundreds of miles – not in the distance of a lake. Give me a break…

Another argument was that ships on the curve of the ocean would reveal the truth. As the ship enters our field of vision, the ship itself would be seen before the mast because of the curvature.

According to Flat Earthers, the ship remains on a flat plane and our perception is governed by angular limits. Flat-earthers claim that telescopes are able to bring us a clear image of the partially hidden ship, but this has been discredited.

What is the agenda?

Many believe the agenda of the Flat Earthers is to free the mind. To the Flat Earthers, the agenda of all those who hide the ‘Flat Earth Facts’ are to hide a ‘creator’ of sorts. It can also be seen as a means of control to them as well.

But think about something for a moment. It seems that the root of all conspiracy theories derives from the fear of being controlled. I bet if you could see the psychiatric records of all Flat Earthers, there would be a connection which addressed control issues. It’s just a hunch because I’ve been to several therapists and psychiatrists in my time.

Flat Earthers take this “Truman Show” idea and they run with it. They are obsessed by it, really. The basic thought for me is this. Is it really so unbelievable that we live upon a spinning planet revolving around a gigantic sun? Why is this so much more fantastical than sitting upon a disc with giant glaciers fencing us in from the rest of the universe?

By the way, Flat Earthers also believe the Sun is the same size as the Moon and seasons still change because the small sun can only light a certain amount of flat earth area at a time. Now that’s reaching farther than I want to venture.

We are all going to live, die and return to the dust of the cosmos. Does it really matter what our planet looks like?

For me, I will stick with the logical indicators – Pythagoras’s discovery, images from space and my miniature globe that sits on top of my bookshelf. It just makes sense, really. After all, where does all that lava come from? You know, the earth’s crust and all…

Don’t be gullible and slow down with those hallucinogens. Our world is round, always has been and will be until the end of time. The question Is the world flat? is irrational. But that’s just my opinion. :)

What about you? Is the world flat or round, according to your opinion? Share it in the comments below!



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