Knowing your personality type can help you find the career path that is most suitable for you according to your character traits. Today, we will explore some of the best ISFP careers.

People with the ISFP personality type seek to express themselves at work. On top of that, it is really important for them to feel a connection and find meaning in the job that they are doing. However, the outcome of their hard work is also a factor that matters in their career.

In today’s article, we are going to explore the ISFP personality type and what kind of career paths are the most suitable for them. If you belong to this category, we hope you will find some ideas for your future career choice.

14 ISFP Careers That Are Most Suitable for This Personality Type

1. Artist

The ISFP personality type is naturally artistic and creative. Thus, an artistic career path suits people like this really well. Here are some examples of creative ISFP careers: illustrator, painter, writer, musician, or sculptor.

However, there are always some downsides to an artistic career that this personality type might not enjoy, such as instability.

On the other hand, we live in times where the online market is booming. Therefore, you can create a few designs and use a print-on-demand platform to make posters out of them. This way, you can sell your art online and create a passive income out of just a few designs.

2. Marketing Career

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ISFPs have a good sense of others, which helps them plan and create efficient marketing strategies. These kinds of people would do really well as marketing managers, heads of marketing departments, or chief marketing officers.

A good understanding of others is important in a job that is related to marketing because you will need to be able to determine who the target audience of a certain brand is. Secondly, you will have to strategize how to position a certain product or service on chosen communication channels to reach that target audience.

Marketing is closely related to creative tasks, especially if you decide to become a content marketer, which could prove to be a very fulfilling job for the ISFP personality type.

Also, in a marketing-related job, you measure and analyze the outcome of an advertisement campaign. It gives this personality type the opportunity to see tangible results of their work.

3. Florist or Botanist

The ISFP type is typically the quiet type. Combined with their passion for arts and creative endeavors, they make great florists and botanists. A job like this is quiet, almost meditative. However, it also requires a lot of patience.

Also, as a florist or botanist, you get to create and compose beautiful bouquets and garden landscapes. A job like this could give the ISFP personality type the opportunity to do things they are passionate about.

And, as mentioned previously in other ISFP career suggestions above, the outcome of work is very important for this type. Thus, taking care of a flower or any other plant for months and seeing it in perfect bloom brings them joy and fulfillment.

4. Therapist

This personality type sincerely enjoys helping others and participating in creative problem-solving. For this reason, a therapist’s career can be suitable for the ISFP personality type.

On top of the creative part, ISFPs have great teaching skills. Therefore, they are really good at helping people recover from emotional trauma or overcome their psychological issues. These kinds of people are very patient, which is a crucial personality trait in this kind of career.

Also, a therapist’s career requires a passion for the job that you are doing, which is also important for this personality type. If a job does not give an ISFP a sense of fulfillment and meaning, they will most likely not stay there for long.

5. Veterinarian

A lot of people with the ISFP type share the traits of patience, calmness, and emotional sensitivity, which often includes love and care for animals. Therefore, a veterinarian career could be a perfect choice for the ISFP personality type.

Not only does this kind of job give purpose, meaning, and fulfillment to both your life and career, but you also get to enjoy a positive outcome of your work. Saving a starving kitten’s life or helping an old dog could make you a little bit happier.

As a veterinarian, you treat and examine different species of animals. But if you wish to, you can also choose to specialize as a veterinarian who only works with specific species of animals. This way, you choose a more narrowed-down niche and get a chance to become a better professional at what you do.

6. Interior Designer

Though not everybody would agree that interior design is a form of art, nobody could deny that this type of work requires a lot of creativity, which ISFPs are very good at and passionate about.

An interior design project can take up months of time, especially if you need to work with a whole house, restaurant, or shop. But seeing a satisfied customer and looking at the amazing project that you have accomplished is more than rewarding for the ISFPs.

7. Fashion Stylist or Fashion Designer

As ISFPs are very artsy and have a great sense of empathy, they can become successful fashion stylists or even fashion designers.

The fashion design market may seem tougher than just becoming someone’s personal fashion stylist and helping other people shop. However, the ISFP type is hard-working and result-oriented, so they could choose to pursue a fashion designer’s career.

ISFPs can be very adventurous, cooperative, and flexible at the same time. This makes them the perfect type of people to work with fashion and styling people.

Also, ISFPs are not the ones to confront others or get into fights, especially in the workplace. This makes them great for working with demanding clients.

8. Teacher or Tutor

Becoming a teacher or a tutor is one of the best ISFP careers since the ISFP personality type enjoys explaining certain topics and helping others learn. Most of all, they love sharing their passion with others.

Nowadays, in time of the pandemic, the eCommerce market has reached its peak. Therefore, tutoring others online is a good idea. There are many online tutoring jobs, and you can easily discover suitable options for you.

It can be anything: yoga, fitness, languages, graphic design, copywriting, or anything else you are an expert at and passionate about. The ISFP personality type could succeed as a teacher in a variety of fields.

9. Cook or Chef

A career path that includes working in a restaurant could be a good option for the ISFP personality type because it requires a few traits that this personality type possesses.

For example, as you already know, ISFPs are very creative, which is a must for a restaurant’s chef who is supposed to come up with their own signature dishes, special meals, chef compliments for the guests, and different menus for different seasons.

Also, a lot of energy and a certain degree of adventurous spirit are a must in the kitchen. When things go south, you need to come up with a plan that will save the dish at the last minute. You also have to manage a team of sous-chefs and other teammates, which requires plenty of energy and patience.

10. Photographer

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Photography is another one of the ISFP careers that require creativity.

During the times of the worldwide pandemic, it may be a little bit more difficult to make a living as a photographer because some countries still live under the restrictions of a lockdown. The size of events such as birthdays and weddings might be limited, which means that photographers have fewer opportunities to make money.

Even though the situation in the photography market is not exactly ideal at the moment, the online market is growing rapidly, and a lot of people succeed by transferring their business to the online world.

As a photographer, you can sell your photos or the rights to use your photos in photo stocks such as Shutterstock. Or you can start creating prints of your work and selling them on such online platforms as Etsy. These kinds of prints are very popular nowadays because it is a fast way to refresh the interior of your home without a big investment.

11. Jeweler

Usually, jewelers work with metal and exclusive stones. Their work involves designing and creating the piece. It also includes adjusting it and repairing pieces of jewelry if needed.

The career path of a jeweler requires creativity, precision, patience, and attention to detail – all these are traits the ISFP personality type people can boast about.

Moreover, as a jeweler, you do not necessarily have to work for someone else. You can become an independent artist and create your own unique pieces of jewelry that will be worth much more because they are one of a kind.

Also, you can organize gallery shows and participate in all kinds of exhibitions and fairs with your jewelry artwork to gain more brand recognition.

12. Environmental Scientist

Since the ISFP personality type has strong creative problem-solving skills, people with this type could become great environmental scientists. This opens a door to exploring other career paths that are related to science because ISFPs’ curiosity and passion can get them very far.

Typically, ISFPs cooperate with other teammates well even though they enjoy doing individual tasks much more because they are more focused on their own achievements. Also, this personality type appreciates any kind of job that requires a full commitment, and a career in science can give them that.

Last but not least, empathy is one of the most important traits of the ISFP personality type. Therefore, helping to save the environment gives them a strong sense of meaning and driving force to be good at what they are doing because eventually, their work could lead to a better and safer world for future generations.

13. Graphic Designer

Another career path that ISFPs can thrive in is graphic design. To be successful in this field, you need to be artistic and creative, which is exactly what this personality type is.

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When the online market is growing every day, graphic design is in high demand. Thus, if you choose this career path, you have a lot of options. For instance, you can work for an agency, become a freelancer, or open a virtual agency of your own. It’s probably one of the most versatile ISFP jobs.

You can choose to specialize in a specific field of graphic design to become a better professional in a certain niche and improve your skills even more. For example, you could specialize in logo design and find new projects to work on by participating in online logo contests.

And who knows, if a company really likes the logo that you have created, they might even hire you as a full-time graphic designer for their brand.

14. Forester

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Foresters spend a lot of time in nature, which means that they can enjoy a very calm and stress-free environment.

The job of a forester is to manage forests and trees that grow in their territory along with solving issues that might arise. This requires creative problem-solving that ISFPs are very good at.

Most ISFPs would enjoy a forester’s job for a number of reasons. First of all, these types of people care about other living beings and the environment. They also appreciate the hands-on type of tasks and prefer a peaceful work environment.

These are some of the most suitable ISFP careers. Do you have a suggestion to add? Please share it with us in the comments below.

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