Fifty years ago, people thought that at our time, space travel would be as accessible as travel by public transport. Unfortunately, these hopes were not realized. But perhaps as early as 2050, it will be possible to reach the universe by space elevator, the concept of which was presented by the Japanese company Obayashi Corporation.

The company promises to launch the elevator into space in several decades! In fact, the development of this kind of technology involves several scientific and engineering teams around the world, supervised by NASA space agency.

However, according to the Japanese company, this process is going very slow, so it was decided to develop its own independent space elevator.

The main achievement of the NASA competition is evidence of the possibility of a space elevator. The Obayashi Corporation promises to launch this unusual space vehicle in 2050!

The elevator will lead from Earth to the space station, located at a height of36,000 km. The length of the cable will be 96,000 km because of the necessity to create an orbital counterweight. In the future, it can be used to extend the route of the elevator.

The elevator will travel at speeds of 200 km per hour and carry at the same time up to 30 people. So the vehicle will need about 8 days to reach the ultimate destination. At the same time, the space station will be provided with laboratories and living quarters.

Travel cost per person after the launch of the space elevator will be reduced by several times compared to the present one.

The elevator cable will be created from the combination of carbon nanotubes and secretions from the glands of genetically modified spiders. Anyway, Obayashi Corporation has a couple of decades at their disposal to develop and implement these technologies.

Learn more about space elevator in the video below:

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    They “promise” to build a structure that is likely impossible given current building materials and known construction methods,that will be a true disaster if it happens to break down and falls back onto the planet, that no one can even plan for given lack of proper materials?

    Japan needs to stop being a xenophobic isolationist nation. They’re drunk on their own brand of stupid.

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