Are you an introvert and haven’t found the right career path yet? Take a look at this list of best jobs for shy people and introverts.

There are millions of introverts in the world who try and find a career path that complements their interests. Even though introverts make up a large portion of the population, they are not always comfortable at socializing and networking with others.

However, many introverts have special skills that others do not possess, such as creating artistic works and analyzing detailed financial data. You may want to consider these comfortable and exciting jobs for shy people and introverts which will allow you to maintain your own unique personality.

Graphic Designer

If you have a talent for creating visual art on the computer, then perhaps you should consider a career in graphic design. According to Reader’s Digest, many introverts are venturing into graphic design as a way to tap into their artistic mind. Since most graphic designers freelance, this career path gives you the flexibility to create your own schedule and work with the clients that you want.

If you are interested in graphic design, then your first step should be to enroll in a program that can provide you with the necessary skills. From there, you may want to create a website for your potential clients, where they can see the quality of your work. Eventually, you will find clients who will use your services for business and personal use.

Loan Officer

If you are interested in banking and finance, you may want to consider becoming a loan officer. These financial officers can provide car, home, personal, and other types of loans to the consumer. Some of the loan officer responsibilities include formulating, evaluating, approving, and rejecting loan applications.

A qualified loan officer should have some auditing and accounting experience, as well as the capability to work with proprietary software. Although a loan officer may have to interact briefly with customers, they spend the bulk of their time analyzing data. This is one of the best jobs for shy people and those individuals who would like to work in a field with limited social interactions.

Accountant or Auditor

If you have a talent for analyzing and computing numbers, then you should consider a career in accounting and auditing. Within accounting, there are a variety of specializations that you should consider. For example, some venture into tax accounting and help individuals and companies compile their taxes. Others work in-house at a company, ensuring that the books are clean and that the financial operations run smoothly.

Like accounting, auditing also has a variety of career paths that an introvert can consider. An internal auditor works to find ways to make sure a particular company runs efficiently and effectively.

An external auditor evaluates a company from an unbiased perspective, looking for any sort of malfeasance or way to cut costs. Both accountants and auditors spend most of their time analyzing data and limited time socially interacting with clients.

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is one of the greatest jobs for shy people and introverts. Even though you may have to interact with individuals through a screen, personal one-on-one interaction does not happen as often in this career path.

If you have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account and understand how to use these online platforms, then you may be able to consider social media management as a possible career path. You can work in-house for a company or can freelance for a small business looking to market their services.


If you have a knack for writing, then perhaps you should consider becoming a professional writer or blogger, which is among the most popular jobs for shy people and introverts. With writing, any introvert can do this career from the comfort of his or her home. Many people venture into screenwriting, one of the most lucrative career paths, and create stories for film and television.

Others decide to write novels to sell in bookstores and on online platforms like Amazon. Finally, many individuals can make a career out of starting a unique blog and attracting visitors. The individual then places advertisements on the website to earn income.

Also, more people are considering venturing into technical writing, which allows introverts to write user manuals or other written materials for companies. This writing path can be especially great for someone with an analytical mind who can write simple explanations for complicated procedures.

Starting an Online Store

Do you like selling items to the consumer? Then perhaps you should consider starting your own online store. Successful online store owners provide the public with items that they may not be able to find at an affordable price in their local community.

Most store owners will either start their own website or sell on online platforms such as eBay or Amazon. In most cases, all you need is a PayPal or an online bank account and you can collect funds almost immediately. You can also use your social media to advertise your online store. This can be a great way to make money as an introvert because your main interaction occurs through a computer screen (although you should try and make connections with vendors.)

There are a variety of great jobs for shy people and introverts to choose from. Although you may not be as social as others, you may have a set of skills that extroverts do not possess.

Introverts have the power and ability to analyze people and situations in a completely different way from extroverts. When deciding on a career path, make sure you investigate all of your options thoroughly.

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  1. kim domingue

    Not all introverts are happiest working alone or interacting via a computer screen only. I am most decidedly an introvert but I can count on two fingers the jobs listed above that hold any appeal for me whatsoever. Not all introverts are shy and not all shy people are introverts. Some introverts enjoy working with and around other people……we generally just need some time away from people to recharge our batteries so to speak.

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