Journal writing can be more beneficial to mental health and personal development than you realize. This article looks at the ways how keeping a journal can change your life for the better.

In this modern world, it can be very hard not to lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of a working week. You start off the week, eager to get your work done and get slapped down by deadlines. You try and make plans with friends, but they fall through. Then, you get to the middle of the week and feel like you haven’t sat down.

As a result, you reach the end of the week without having completed anything you said you would. You have actually made more work for yourself, had no sleep and got to do it all again next week! This can really affect your mental health after a while as you can feel like you are not moving anywhere.

Well, journal writing may be the answer to your problems, and here’s why:

Look how far you’ve come!

A lot of the time in life, we find it hard to really appreciate how far we’ve come from years, months or even weeks ago. If you lose sight of how much you’ve achieved, then it is very easy to feel like you’re not doing anything constructive. At some point, you might feel that you are stuck in life.

Well, journal writing can really help you to understand your progress through the months and weeks. For instance, if you are working on a big project at work. It can feel never-ending, but if you kept a journal, you could flick back a few weeks and you will see diary entries from when you had just started the project.

That way, you can reflect and say, ‘wow, we’ve actually completed a lot of what we set out to do already’.

This, in turn, will help you to feel better about yourself and feel as though you are growing and progressing. It can also help you be honest with yourself. Say that you write on Monday about a piece of work you really need to get done. Then, you might see it on Thursday and think to yourself that that is the first thing you are going to make sure is complete tomorrow.

Reflect on your day

It sounds pretty simple, but this simple little action can make a big, big difference. A lot of people live their life with their head down, especially when they are busy. The problem with doing this is that you can miss all the little victories you make every single day.

Getting into a routine of journal writing every day will help you to recognise the positives that you achieve every single day. This can help you to reflect on a lot of the decisions you make on a daily basis.

Reflecting on your day sounds easy, but it takes a lot of effort to count up all your achievements and look at your shortcomings in a positive light.

It can make a real difference to how you count up your days as you go through the week. At some point, you will be able to reflect positively on everything that you do throughout their day.

Practice your vocabulary

Another reason journal writing is good for personal growth is because it helps you to practice your spelling and grammar. These skills will then serve to help you in your workplace or education. If you have some problems, you can use online tools to improve your grammar and spelling. You will find that you need to use words that you wouldn’t normally use.

They, in turn, will widen your knowledge of different words that you can then utilise in your workplace or in school.

A diary shouldn’t just be self-improvement in terms of spirituality and mentality. It should be about self-improvement of your skills like spelling, grammar, diction, language and syntax.

These 3 little paragraphs detail some amazing reasons why journal writing can really help make a difference in your life. The act of writing your thoughts and feelings, and the events of the last day in a way where you can reflect briefly on how it affected you and what you honestly thought about it.

This can help you to move on, progress and deal with problems and issues you have had in the past, and also celebrate things that have gone right and that you succeed in.

You definitely shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed to write down your honest feelings about things you have gone through. It will help you to progress and become a better you. Besides, it also gives you a chance to practice your writing skills and vocabulary.

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    Man, I’ve tried to do that a lot of times. The first days it is perfect, but then I absolutely forget about my diary/organizer. I do something else: when I feel upset or just have an interesting thought or feeling, I write it on a sheet of paper. I collect all that sheets in a folder. They’re not many up to now, but after a while point 1 will be achieved – by seeing what I was in the the past, I’ll understand how much have I grown and how my mind has changed. Which is important for an information maniac like me.

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