Perhaps you think that the term kindred soul refers only to a person of the opposite sex, with whom you have emotional and bodily experiences that will create an equilibrium in your life.

What is a kindred soul or spirit?

Well, the term kindred soul or kindred spirit does not always mean that. You will see that the kindred soul can also be a sister or a brother, a comrade or a person who completes you perfectly, being exactly your opposite (in the sense that they have exactly those qualities that complement yours – the reciprocal is valid).

What is important is that regardless of the situation, spiritual energies are in perfect agreement and so connected to each other that the auras of the two souls glow with light, a rainbow of energy that unites the two individuals.

Another thing you need to know is that meeting with a kindred soul does not necessarily happen at the beginning of your life. Moreover, once encountered, this soul is not bound to stay with you throughout the whole life. It is good to recognize a kindred spirit connection so you do not miss it and learn how you can keep it as long as you can.

Keep in mind, though, that even if the kindred soul will accompany you only a few hours or a lifetime, their impact on you will be overwhelming. They will practically change your life. They will save you in a moment of imbalance and show you the way.

Three Types of Kindred Souls

There are three categories of kindred souls, each is distinct and has unmistakable features.

The Comrade Souls

The Comrade Souls are people who help you achieve a purpose and teach you some important life lessons. They are by your side in the particularly difficult, perhaps crucial situations. They are the ones who save you in tough times or simply relieve your suffering when you think that nothing else can be done.

This person’s support is always unconditional and comes when you feel an acute need for affection, support and protection.

Twin Souls

Twin Souls are those with whom you have had a special relationship or friendship over many lives. The encounter with a twin soul is like reuniting with an old friend you have not seen for years.

They are people who understand you completely because your souls are strongly connected on a telepathic level. You will help each other in many ways to learn and evolve together, and your friendship will be strengthened even more.

Twin Flames

Twin Flame Connections are unique and most important to us. You have spent many lives together, loving and caring for one another, and the connection between you is deeply spiritual.

When you meet him/her again in this life, you feel an immediate attraction. It is like you have always known each other, it is like an electric current that goes through both of you at the same time.

Twin Flames recognize themselves immediately and remember the deep love that exists between them beyond time and space. It is your perfect half and together you will create a connection that you have never felt with anyone else. This feeling is always mutual.

It is said that when you meet your twin flame, you find the mirror image of your soul. Together, you form a whole, full of love and harmony.

How to Recognize a Kindred Soul

Thus, how do you recognize your kindred soul? Will it be a positive emotion and a strong sense of familiarity? Or will it be a deja vu-like feeling or something stronger than that?


When your eyes meet, you will intuitively understand each other. In the eyes of that person, you find safety and peace.


These people are not interested in money, luxury, fame or glory but only seek true spiritual and emotional values. Often, people in your spiritual family or soul group are attracted to minimalism, meditation, yoga, healthy eating, and the environment.


The energy the kindred soul emits has a magnetic effect on you. That person appears in your life from time to time, at key moments.


You share the same values and ideas and have a similar perspective on life. You are on the same emotional wavelength and understand each other very well.


In the vicinity of your kindred soul, you feel protected and relaxed. You tell him/her everything you have in your heart, and s/he understands you perfectly every time. Even if you have just met.


Such a person makes you feel happy and confident in all situations. You two have a very similar energy, so your vibrations harmonize.


As mentioned above, a person in your spiritual family guides you and always supports you, especially in hard times. As long as you know how to listen and act according to the advice you receive, you will be able to overcome obstacles much easier.


Conversations that stretch over several hours feel like they last for just a few moments. You two connect so well that you lose all notion of time when you meet and talk.


This person challenges you to grow spiritually but through your own strengths. They help and support you in any situation and show you the best ways to fully develop your qualities and virtues.


The very strong connection between you is also due to the fact that you have gone through the same challenges and difficulties. Do not forget, however, that negative experiences have the role of stimulating us to become wiser and better.

We all meet our kindred soul at least once and form a relationship that sometimes lasts through the years and sometimes comes and goes. If you have already experienced such a special encounter, please share it with us and let us know if the above descriptions related to your story.



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  1. Reyna

    Hi, I just want to leave my footprint.

  2. Densal Kylan Wizzy


  3. CT

    Here I leave a note to my bae, Camy.

    “To me, a kindred soul may embody either/or a complement of some of these qualities of the three forms. It is certainly not as distinctive and/or accurate as being laid, and if it would be, sounds like nothing more than a fool’s paradise… for we each have unique upbringings, values, beliefs, morals and experiences.

    A kindred soul, you are to me, is how I could find comfort to be able to share the same plane of deeper connection with you at present leading to our ultimate pursuit of the future and continuous mutual growth. Being ‘spiritual’ perhaps is an encapsulation of similarity and reciprocity of every of our being. For love is temporal and often blinding as we succumb to it, you would always be somewhere mattered even when I’ve awaken.”

    To be complete or as incomplete – even if we had to part someday, simply in time, we know that we will see.

  4. Trélys DuPré

    May each of us find our Kindred Souls/Spirits…

  5. Tayyaba Fatima Haq

    Hello I agree with the philosophy of kindred souls and yes it does not necessarily have to be a romantic relation .Sometimes people just appear in your life to provide a spirituial boost to push you forward in the development of your soul .Some times its a romantic relation but a relation that springs from the deep recesses of the soul.
    Apparently the two souls have similar qualities which brings them together but at the same time they can also have certain qualities which makes them very different from each other and can create a clash and even result in parting .It is eventually the spirtuial connection that brings them back together after trials and tribulations and saves the relation .Actually the two souls come together not only to complete each other but to journey towards a higher goal ! The stronger soul usually discerns the special connection that exists between earlier and can comprehend how the two will eventually unite .While one of the two can be totally unaware and careless but such a relation is never one sided .The stronger soul might understand the connection immediately but there is always a corresponding state of mind and heart in the weaker soul and its lack of materialization can create extreme frustration in it .I used the word IT here coz a soul does not have a sex .The stronger soul is more patient and devoted due to a higher level of consciousness .The result should be a union because the Union actually connects them not to each other but to a higher REALITY that is beyond space and time

  6. Derek

    I have found mine, she came into my life when I needed her most. We talked so much in so short a time, but feel like we know each other forever. I’m blessed to have finally met my true soulmate.

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