If you want to learn to perceive energy, the first step is to get to know the concepts of the astral realm and ESP (extrasensory perception).

Some of my earlier articles were pertaining to the ability to see people’s auras or energy that objects and lifeforms give off, how I realized that not everybody could, and how little I actually know about this gift or what my perceptions mean.

In one of these articles I had mentioned that I do believe it’s possible for every person to perceive energy in some capacity; a reader has recently requested that I elaborate a little further on this, so, this article is intended to prelude a semi-instructional article toward this end. In order to better convey this methodology, I intend on explaining some backstory into what the world is and what our ability to see the leaves fall from the trees or hear the frogs chirping can be thought of as.

The Astral Realm

It is a firm belief of mine that the astral realm, where all energy persists to exist and flow, is the reality of our existence. Things which happen all happen in this realm and the physical world is a limited clay molding over the actual existence in which consciousness and worldly interaction, on a significant energy level, take place.

Even the transmission of heat as a form of energy dissipation is present in the astral realm, and the limitations of physics are superimposed over this, the true reality of our existence. So, our physical bodies which we ride around in, the flesh suit for our souls, have varying senses which work with the physical representation of the energy world in which we live.

Our sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing are all sensorial perceptions which our neural cortex perceive and transmit to the consciousness that is our reality for subconscious understanding. I touched on this concept briefly in a previous article, as well, regarding the complexity of the human brain and how the concept of a subconscious mind is such an expansive notion that there’s no way our physical brain is all which governs our thought patterns.


So, with all of that brought into light for the sake of this article, I’d like to invite you to consider the notion of ESP (extrasensory perception), or the sixth sense, which is discussed in various cinema, fiction, and clinical study circumstances, as documented through the history of our existence in this plane.

To have an extra sense is to simply perceive reality, as it is without the scientific limitations of physics as mandated by the clay molding through which we perceive reality, in a slightly different way, but using that which our physical bodies have been equipped to understand.

Just like in our known physical plane, some people can hear a higher frequency than others, and some species of creatures perceive the color spectrum differently. Much in the same way, our true selves existing in the astral realm and perceiving reality through our conscious minds as associated assistance construct to fully perceive humanity as intended also will have a varying level of perception.

Depending on the field of study which is being evaluated, this may be referred to as the level of strength in a person’s chakra network. For instance, one with a more prominent third eye will see energy differently, and their waking minds will perceive it in a different capacity, or more strongly.

Further to this point, a person with a strong “Heart Chakra” is deemed far more likely to have empathic tendencies and feel the energy around them on an emotional level. Think of it as a person with a strong sense of smell or perfect vision, except in perceiving the world as it exists in pure energy capacity.

Many studies have been done on ESP, psychic communications, telepathy, telekinesis, seeing spirits, speaking with spirits, etc. One thing in common with all of these different studies is that the person was always regarded as someone who was strong in the field in which they had developed an extra sense, or that they were missing one of the standard 5 senses our physical bodies are equipped with.

In that capacity, it makes sense that a person with terrible vision who needs glasses to see but who has an incredibly powerful “third eye chakra” would perceive energy more as it actually is, with less of the limitations of the physical world in which we live.

More Theories about the Astral Realm

There are many things which can be considered on this topic, ranging from the mundane aspects like the energy dissipation of heat and noise, all the way down to the spiritual perspective of otherworldly beings, and even the lore of fairies and the notion of heaven.

One belief regarding the astral realm is that it is mandated by each individual person and that their own section of the infinite astral (not governed by physical limitations, remember?) is defined by their own perspective, both of themselves, and of what they believe to be true. Through this notion, one might deduce that upon death, when our physical body ceases to experience, we are returned to our energy form, and our afterlife is in the astral realm, where, if we believe we belong in heaven, will be our personal heaven.

Consider the possibilities of a world in which limitations were irrelevant, and you’ll start to understand the phrase, “There are more things in heaven than on earth, and earth could begin because of this.” There are more things to perceive in the reality of our existence than in this physical molding, and this molding could begin because of this.

Read the next part to this article, where I further expand on the theory I’ve stated here and explain how any person can learn to perceive energy.

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