If you would like to know whether your left and right brain hemispheres are balanced and which of the two dominates you, this article will give you the answers.

The human brain is the most complex organ in the human body, and its functionality still remains an enigma to be explored by scientists. It is responsible for all the technological developments we have achieved so far, for the processing of information, coordination and so much more.

The best part is that our brain is progressing year after year. The human brain with its complexity behaves like a safe storage device that holds the most cherished memories of a person.

Moreover, our personalities and mental health are significantly influenced by neurological functions. One of the most important factors contributing to our personality is the balance between our left and right brain hemispheres.

Since the brain is also the controller of the central nervous system, it also serves human beings with extensive physical and cognitive abilities. And keep in mind that these are just a few vital roles that our brain plays in our lives.

Left and Right Brain

The brain is made of archicortex and two brain hemispheres (left and right brain) built to work together. Surprisingly, this only became known in the 1960s thanks to the extensive research of the Noble Prize winner and psychobiologist Roger W. Sperry. As such, he identified that the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body, and the right hemisphere controls the left one.

Neuroscientists have also highlighted the fact that although the two hemispheres have different functions, they actually complement each other.

Right hemisphere

The right hemisphere, also known as the “female” brain, is the area that focuses on the abstract aspects of life such as intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, empathy, creativity, receptivity, acceptance and dedication.

Moreover, the alpha frequency (through which we attract positive things) and the state of inner calm are created in the right hemisphere.

Artists of any kind, creative people, regardless of their talent, all have a more developed right hemisphere than the left one.

Additional functions of the right hemisphere are:

  • facial recognition and music processing
  • manages the understanding of visual images
  • responsible for creativity
  • manages emotion and affectivity
  • transforms images into mental representations
  • stimulates imagination
  • manages artistic senses and perceptions
  • keeps experiences accumulated in the imaginative world
  • provides fantasy and creativity.

Because of this, many creative individuals are perceived as dreamers by others: their left hemisphere is almost undeveloped.

Left Hemisphere

On the other hand, individuals whose left side is more influential use more their reason and have a better understanding of the concrete aspects. Architects and mathematicians, for example, are among the most “masculine” in terms of brain functioning. They are attracted to the practical and material elements where everything must have a certain order and discipline.

They work with their right hand, they hold the phone to the right ear, if they look with one eye, they close the left one and watch with the right one. And then the limbs are more developed on the right side. They have stronger muscles in their right hands and feet, have better vision and hearing on the right side.

So, the brain in the left hemisphere is oriented towards logic, order, structure, language, rationality, analysis and detail, classifications, science, formulas, functions based on senses that transform them into perceptions and reasonings.

Everything works on the cause-effect principle. The left hemisphere preserves and stores the experiences of the physical world. It evaluates quality, judges, measures, creates knowledge based on arguments.

Those with a well-developed left hemisphere present rigid logic. They like figures, maths, sciences and love safety. They constantly learn something and are concerned about the past and the present.

How to balance your left and right brain

Thus, it is speculated that women use more the right hemisphere than men who use more the left hemisphere. Although this may not always be true, scientists recognize that we are inclined to use one side of the brain more than the other.

Nevertheless, if only one of the two brain hemispheres is used excessively, then an energy imbalance may occur. Therefore, it is recommendable for both hemispheres to be trained to work together harmoniously:

1. Drink plenty of water.

Water is essential for the proper functioning of the body in general and the brain in particular. Keep a bottle of water around you and drink a sip throughout the day even if you are not thirsty. Water is essential in the development of neural networks, thus improving cognitive functions (attention, memory, imagination, thinking).

2. Abdominal breathing.

Place your hands on the abdomen then exhale with short breaks until the lungs are air-dried. Inspire deeply, moving your abdomen, with the feeling that it swells like a balloon. You can arch your back to increase the amount of inhaled air. Slowly breathe out until you feel the lungs are air-dried. Repeat this inspiration-expiration cycle for at least 3 times.

This type of breathing improves oxygen intake throughout the body, relaxes the central nervous system, increases energy, improves reading and speaking skills.

3. Symmetrical drawing.

Take one pencil in each hand, preferably in different colors. Draw both symmetrical drawings simultaneously with both hands on a sheet of paper or on the sheet. This simple exercise helps balance the two brain hemispheres, improves eye-to-eye coordination and fine motoring.

4. Hand-knee crossing.

Standing on your feet, alternately touch the knee with the opposite hand and continue the exercise while completing 4 to 8 inspiration-expiration exercises. This brain exercise balances the functioning of the two brain hemispheres, improves the ability to write, read and memorize.

Now, after reading this information about left and right brain functions, would you say that you are left-brained or right-brained?


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