The human brain is a complex and interconnected system, the largest and the most functionally important part of the central nervous system. However, when it comes to the left vs. right hemisphere of the brain, things become less clear due to a great number of misconceptions.

The brain’s functions include processing of sensory information coming from the senses, planning, decision making, coordination, motion control, positive and negative emotions, attention, and memory. The highest function performed by the brain is thinking.

Left vs. Right Hemisphere of the Brain: What Are Their Differences?

The right hemisphere has been long associated with people with artistic flair. The left hemisphere, in turn, is linked to logic, rational thought, and generally organized mathematical thinking.

Left hemisphere

The main responsibility of the left hemisphere is logical thinking, and until recently, this hemisphere had been considered dominant. But in fact, it dominates only while performing the following functions.

The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for language skills. It controls speech, reading and writing abilities, spelling, memorizing facts, names, and dates.

  • Analytical thinking
  • The literal understanding of words
  • Sequential processing of information
  • Mathematical capabilities
  • The right part of the body

Right hemisphere

The main responsibility of the right hemisphere is intuition. As a rule, it is not considered dominant. It is believed to be responsible for the following functions:

  • Perception of non-verbal information
  • Spatial orientation
  • Perception of music
  • Understanding of metaphors
  • Imagination
  • Emotions
  • Sex
  • Mystics
  • Dreams
  • Multitasking and parallel processing of information
  • Left part of the body

Sounds pretty clear, right? In reality, though, the border between the brain hemispheres and their functions is not that firm. In general, our thinking processes involve the simultaneous work of both hemispheres.

In other words, creativity is not an exclusive feature of the right hemisphere, just like rational thinking doesn’t only involve the work of the left hemisphere. However, it is true that most people have one dominant hemisphere.

You can learn more in this article that reveals a few myths and truths about brain hemispheres.

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