Introverts and extroverts have different ideas of what activities are fun. The following five leisure activities are things that probably only introverts will enjoy.

Most likely, this list of leisure activities will sound fun to you if you are an introvert and will seem somehow weird if you are not.

1. Staying home alone

Oh, the bliss of an evening with no plans. Better still a weekend! Us introverts are not afraid of time by ourselves with nothing particular to do. When the house is silent and empty, we feel relaxed and happy. When we have a few hours when we can focus on our inner lives without worrying about what other people think, it’s bliss! Being alone is one of our all-time favorite leisure activities.

For us introverts, an evening without plans is usually something of a relief. If we have had a busy day with lots of people around, we look forward to solitude and not having to worry about making a good impression or pleasing othersWe will happily lock the doors, pull the curtains, switch off our phones and bask in the solitude.

Being alone is also an opportunity to do some deep work without any interruptions. We can really focus on that French subtitled film, our new book or a particularly tricky knitting pattern. With no need to please anyone else for a few hours we can be truly ourselves.

2. Going out alone

Many introverts are also happy going out alone, eating alone, and even going on holiday alone. When we do something by ourselves, it gives us an opportunity to really think about something without having to be sociable at the same time.

For example, we may visit an art gallery to look at an amazing artwork and be really able to focus on it without the need to uphold our end of the conversation. Introverts have a rich inner life that needs feeding with beautiful experiences. It’s hard for us to take anything in deeply when there is too much distraction.

3. Solo activities

Introverts do not like team-building exercises or icebreakers. The thought of making a raft and then racing across the river with the rest of the group fills us with horror. Some introverts like team sports and group activities, some of the time. But most introverts choose leisure activities that are purely solo pursuits.

Many love to create. They will happily spend an entire weekend writing alone, painting alone or gardening alone. Some love to do solo sports like running or swimming. Introverts often have projects they are working on just for the fun of it.

Of course, we introverts love to spend time with our favorite people, too. It’s just that we need to be alone to fully recharge.

4. People watching

Introverts love people and are fascinated by them. This is why people-watching is another of our favorite leisure activities. We can sit on a bench and happily watch the world go by for an hour or two. We are not judging others, when we do this, we are simply curious about what makes other people tick.

When we go to a party, we can often be found at the edges of groups simply watching, for the same reason. We don’t feel the need to be the center of the attention.

5. Daydreaming and night thinking

Perhaps the introvert’s top leisure activities are daydreaming and night thinking. There is so much going on inside our heads we sometimes just need to spend some time in there by ourselves.

Admittedly, sometimes inside our own heads can be a tricky place to be. We can spend hours worrying that we said the wrong thing in a past conversation, especially during sleepless nights. Equally, we can spend hours rehearsing possible future situations that will probably never happen!

But having the time to process all these things is important to us. It’s like having a tidy up inside our heads, sorting and filing our thoughts to make sense of our world.

And we have fun in our own heads too. After a profitable session of people watching, we might make up stories about the people, we have seen. Or we might daydream about our plans for the future. Just sitting and staring into space or watching the clouds go by is enough to keep us amused.

It’s easy to see why it can be hard for extroverts to understand introverts. It’s such a different way of being.

But the world needs a balance of these two types of person and neither is better than the other. The important thing is to accept who you are and not force yourself to be more outgoing than you are.

There is no shame in spending an evening alone – just you and your macramé, oil paints or stamp collection. Embrace your introversion and make time for the leisure pursuits that support you.

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This Post Has 11 Comments

  1. Viviane

    I am an introvert. I don’t agree with #4. I totally don’t care about people, I mean watching, hearing, “feeling” them. But I do care about nature. Any animal other than a human. What they do, how they do it, how they react. On the other points I do agree: doing stuff at home or outside alone, and enjoying the peace and silence by not having any humans around. That’s great!

    1. Adam

      I’m an introvert and I agree 100% with number 4. People watching is one of my favorite hobbies. The next time you’re in a mall, have a seat on a bench and watch people walk by in solitude. Just hope no one you know walks by, otherwise you’re stuck in a conversation you probably don’t want to have.

  2. Oliver

    When I see a girl and a tree I appreciate the tree I don’t know why

    1. Josh

      I’d probably do the same.

  3. Michael

    wow,.. it’s amazing knowing you are an introvert. I am one of them and I love observing people so that I can tell a story and create solution for them. amazing.

  4. Olaf

    Never have I had a more precise description that fit me 100% that crazy accurate. Thanks I really needed to hear this

  5. anthony

    yeah people always ask whats wrong with you …whats going on… always on social occasions …so i often try to dodge such awkard situations…i would be most happy if i am left alone

  6. Scotti Stutzman

    I love being alone. I do have a couple of nice friends,love my children and grandchildren and my husband. However, I would rather be alone doing my own things ,like those mentioned above. Case in point: my sweet husband came home unexpectedly this morning as the snow storm closed his school. He is the Maintenance Supervisor so he goes in regardless . Today he popped home to be with me for awhile. Remember now, I do love this man, but I was upset. I was on “my” time and enjoying myself and then I had to be the sweet wife. I couldn’t hurt him for the world so tried to enjoy our coffee break. When he left I felt like I was in heaven. I look forward to him coming home from work when he is scheduled to. I hate when he pops in. If he dies before me I will probably regret feeling this way but that is how I feel now. He knows I love my alone time and is not himself a social person but he is not an introvert. I also travel to the beach for 2 weeks each year during the quiet season to be alone and recharge. Nothing like it.

  7. Chetyre

    Wow..I have to say this is one of the better articles on introverts (like myself).
    However as for #4 I am not really so much interested, oft times, as to how people “tick” rather I just like watching the world pass by. If I see a cute dog, cat or chipmunk then my interest is piqued.

    But overall..yeah. I like being alone, like solo activities and if I do go out with others then it is a small group of two or so. I really dislike noise, chaos and people behaving like lobotomized apes on a hyper-caffeine fix.

    As for daydreaming..boy, I can entertain myself in a fictional world of my own creation to the point that I find myself laughing at things that an imaginary characters in my world might say. My inner world provides more support and allure than the real world and I find I get annoyed when people interrupt my daydreaming.

    Good article.

  8. Husba

    I wish I knew all this from childhood. I we t through alot before finally accepting who I am. I felt weird being different from others. My parents felt the same. But all that is gone now. Although I yearn to be with people sometimes. I love my space, prefer one on one e discussion, have a very small friend circle, hate being in the spotlight…I love all these about me

  9. Lloyd Miller

    this is truly me. these are my only activities and this is my program, but you know that was not always the case, i used to be very much the opposite and somehow, steadily through the middle of my life i become introverted and even real comfy with introverted

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