As a result of the significant global climate changes, life conditions on Earth will become much poorer in the coming decades, warn scientists.

American journalists gained access to the draft of the annual report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which reported that:

In the 21st century, adverse changes in climate associated with the process of global warming may become the cause of the economic decline and decrease of the population with low income.

At some time of the year, in certain regions of the planet, high temperatures combined with high humidity levels will prevent any type of human activity. Staying outdoors will be dangerous to life.

Scientists predict that in the 21st century, the number of victims of floods, forest fires, diseases, and hunger will increase. First of all, the devastating effects of global warming will affect poor countries and regions, as they will find it difficult to resist these phenomena.

Droughts will lead to the destruction of the existing infrastructure. And as the territories will decrease, military conflicts will begin. Experts also point out that the struggle for sources of fresh water will get intensified.

Over the next months, additions and changes based on the comments of experts will be made in the IPCC draft report. Presumably, the final version will be published in March 2014.

Given the situation around the globe, these predictions are hardly surprising. Until humanity switches to a new paradigm instead of exhausting our planet’s resources and destroying the natural environment in the name of greed, life conditions on Earth will only get worse.

Will we ever reconsider our approach to our home planet? I want to hope so. At least, we can see more and more often how some countries, as well as private initiatives, attempt to introduce technologies that rely on renewable energy and new methods of gaining electricity.

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  1. MarkmBha

    This is not good news. What we have left future generations is nothing more than a devasated planet.

  2. Ilya

    Experts are payed by the agenda to promote the idea of hopelessness. The world is ending! is their only message. They want you to feel sorry for yourself and accept blindly your doom. Do not buy into their bullshit.

  3. Mitsoulas

    Great AnnaLemind

  4. Ursula McIntosh

    Now what is reality!? Why are the community levels of everything declining an based on pure ignorance an pretending it should not go forward for good change for everyone. Some are not who they say they are an have hidden motives. So again what is truth which is reality? History talked about the ” Great Depression ” review history historical events. We get better in time not worse. But for some they say it will get worse based on truth

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