Finding a like-minded friend is one of the best feelings. Not only is it more fun to spend time with people who think like you, but it’s also reassuring.

You must not be completely crazy if someone else has the same beliefs, right?! You may have met someone at work whose friendship makes the day more bearable. Or you could have a new neighbor who is quickly becoming a close friend.

Here are eight signs you will notice when you’ve found a like-minded person.

1. You finish each other’s sentences

Much of the time when you hang out with a like-minded friend, you don’t even have to finish your sentence as he or she already knows what you are thinking. This can be quite funny, especially when there are others witnessing. This can be especially convenient when you are having trouble expressing a thought too!

2. You have secret conversations through your eyes

You can make eye contact with each other from across the room and know just what each other is thinking. If you two were joking about something earlier and then someone brings up a similar topic, you and your like-minded friend can just look at each other and have a private joke that no one else will understand.

3. You feel happier around them

When you are with a like-minded friend, you are noticeably happier and more comfortable. You know you don’t have to ever explain yourself because this person already thinks the same way.

4. You miss them when you’re with your other friends

Some of your friends are great people but just don’t understand certain aspects of you and this can be really frustrating. In these situations, you often miss your like-minded friends and wish they could be there to back you up.

5. They fit right in with your family

When you bring a like-minded friend home, they get along really well with your parents and siblings. This friend behaves so similarly that it’s just like having another you around the house. Your family is able to get used to this friend very quickly.

6. Even when you disagree, you humor each other

Though you think alike much of the time, you do have your disagreements with this friend, but that’s totally okay. You can have opposite views on religion or politics, yet, you still see each other’s points and accept that. You agree on enough other things to let this slide.

7. You make each other laugh, often with confusion of others

You guys are always making each other laugh with inside jokes. Other people around you may try to understand, but they just can’t, which may even annoy some. Others may label you as silly, but they just don’t get it because they are not one of your like-minded friends.

8. Other people get annoyed by your intensity together

Some people may even get annoyed by inseparable you’ve become. You may find family members telling you can’t spend ALL your time with one friend or maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend is starting to get jealous or uncomfortable that you have such a strong connection to this friend. Make sure that you remember to include other important people in your life, even though sometimes it’s just more fun to be with a like-minded friend.

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  1. jake

    almost most of this website’s article fit my type of articles. i don’t usually read but articles like those really fun to read and i can’t notice how did i finish the article or haven’t noticed the time i passed reading the article
    i’m aloner and now i’m desperately looking for a friend like exactly the way you described
    in fact i already knew that i will get along and become besties when i find like minded people but the thing was i didn’t know how to describe it because i don’t have any best friend or like minded friend

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