Lucid dreaming does much more than stimulate your senses, it can help you develop new skills as well. If you consider sleeping a waste of time, get ready to change your mind.

According to recent research at Yale University, people who are capable of lucid dreaming, which is a type of sleep when a person has full awareness and control while dreaming, are able to develop new skills! All it takes is a little help.

This research resembles portions of the movie Inception. In this film, a group of people was able to release the subconscious and “plant” an idea in the mind of another person by entering into his dream.

The research team experimented with the idea of training lucid dreamers, guiding them to enter a dream. In fact, lucid dreamers can control certain regions of the brain that allow them to learn while sleeping.

Not only can these dreamers experience details and extraordinary sights, they can also tap into the knowledge, apparently locked within the mind.

Can you really control what you dream about?

It may sound unbelievable, but you can control certain aspects of your dreams. Starting with before sleep, if you want to dream about a certain person or a certain activity, all it takes is a suggestion.

Suggestions that turn into dreams are usually better accomplished by looking at an image or repeating a name of something or someone you want to dream about. It works, and works as well for learning activities and making decisions.

As mentioned in the research, it is a fact that the more a person practices an activity during his sleep, the better he becomes with this activity in real life.

Moreover, if he can control his dreams, i.e. the frequency of his night “workouts”, the efficiency of his training improves significantly. Lucid dreaming can be helpful in this area primarily for the fact that these dreams are detailed.

Dreams are tools and landscapes for learning new things

In addition, the results showed that lucid dreamers are tempted to gamble. This is an activity which includes areas of the brain associated with decision making based on emotions and social interaction.

Researchers believe that one day, dreams may become a commonly accepted tool for learning and self-improvement. Instead of turning to friends for advice, maybe a dream will have the answers.

Instead of trying to learn how to complete a task, dreaming will provide the tools and instructions that you need. Who knows! Dreams may be hidden gems or may even be the key to many life-long mysteries of the brain.

So when you sleep, don’t think it trivial or rather something to energize you for the next day. See sleep in another way as well, as a journey into the unknown, filled with wonder and with wisdom.

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    OMG truly awesome if its true now please provide how to Lucid Dream…..
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    Great article, I am truly amazed by the lucid dreaming possible ways to develop the skills.

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