lunar elevatorSpace “elevator” is one of the oldest dreams of science fiction, but the possibility of actual construction has been considered for years as it will greatly facilitate the activity in space. In the case of LiftPort Group (Seattle), such a concept is considered for transporting goods to and from the Moon.

According to a report at, such a program should be built using the existing technology and based on simple principles. The basic idea is a “vehicle” which will move up and down on a wire connected to the surface of the Moon, making landings soft and smooth.

In particular, the vision of LiftPort Group includes the missile launch from Earth in a special space station (PicoGravity Laboratory) located in a Lagrangian point, from which the transfer of the load will start. The program is called LSEI (Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure) and, according to the LiftPort Group, the transportation of people to the moon will be possible from the first years of operation of such a facility.

According to the president of LiftPort Group, Michael Lane, the program is in progress, as the Moon attracted intense interest within the past year. As the LiftPort Group website refers, the main objective of the project is to make the Moon financially accessible for exploration, colonization and mining natural resources.

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