A magnetic personality is one that draws you in with charisma and warmth. Is this who you are? If not, you can learn.

The world is filled with a rainbow of personalities, not to mention the colorful display of beauty we see each day. However, many of the most intriguing people carry a magnetic personality. No, they’re no better or worse than the rest of us, but they are special. Why is this?

The magic of the magnetic personality

Those who have the characteristics that pull you closer tend to offer traits that you can learn. That’s right! You might not have charisma now, but if you stay around a person with a magnetic character, they will certainly rub off on you. You just cannot get away from these people without taking a part of them and becoming a better person.

You see, those with a magnetic personality have certain habits. So here’s how you can tell if you are that magnetic person. Could you be? Yes, it’s possible. Or, you could know someone else that has this draw to themselves. Let’s see.

1. Self-control

So, let’s start here. To have self-control takes a lot of patience. I think they go hand in hand, to be honest. If you have a magnetic presence, I will bet you have enormous self-control. In case you aren’t familiar with this attribute, this habit is not the same as being controlling.

While controlling is when you try to make others do what you want, being self-controlled is staying calm during altercations, patiently weighing out circumstances, and understanding your limits and boundaries. Controlling self not others and their ideas – is what I’m indicating. Is this you?

2. Leadership

These individuals are usually leaders. In your group, whether it’s a selection of friends, a group from work, or maybe even a spiritual congregation, are you the leader? Let me rephrase that. Are you in a leadership role? If you are, then other people may find you quite charismatic. And if they do, then you are also probably a magnetic person as well. If people look to you for answers, then this is a good indicator of where you stand.

3. Self-validation

Individuals with magnetic traits are self-validating. This means they do not need anyone to remind them of their worth. So, let’s take a moment and think about this. How do you feel about yourself? Do you feel confident? Do you trust your own judgment? These are just some questions that will reveal whether you possess self-validation. The magnetic person needs no one to validate them and their existence. They know exactly who they are.

4. Listening

You know those people who pretend to listen but are just preparing their own speech? Yeah, I’m trying to not be so much like that. People who really listen are those magnetic folks around.

Do you listen? Be honest with yourself. When someone is speaking to you, are you really hearing the intricate details of what they are saying? If so, then yes, you are magnetic. You are a true friend who really cares about how your friends and family feel. You want to hear them out and provide comfort when needed. Yeah, that’s real magnetism.

5. Sincerity

Another habit of the magnetic personality would be sincerity. Did you know that honesty is sincerity? Yes, and integrity is mixed in there as well. When you provide your presence, are you sincere with other people? If you provide the truth with no deceit or pretense, then you’re being sincere.

It’s like the business letters you write. You want to be understood in your seriousness, and so you sign the letter, “Sincerely yours”. Magnetic people write these letters and mean every word. Do you do this?

Ways to master magnetism in your life

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1. Avoid egocentrism

The ego can be a dangerous and rather disgusting thing when used the wrong way. It can be dark, and it can draw you into its darkness. That’s why, if you want to possess a warm and reserved outlook in life, you will avoid the ego-centric crowd or rather those who are arrogant.

You see, unless you are extremely strong, you can be pulled in the other direction. Truly magnetic people understand this, and it’s one thing they’ve learned throughout life.

2. Learn to be approachable

Okay, so maybe you are an introvert, but guess what? You can learn to be approachable, and hence be more magnetic. I’m not saying it’s bad to like being alone. There just comes a time when you have no other option but to be around people. When this happens, wouldn’t it be nice to be a magnetic type of person – someone who people actually respect and trust, even if you don’t like to socialize?

So, for one, stop crossing your arms in front of your chest. Do something else with your hands, and this will make you more approachable.

3. Practice being present

Yes, I know you’re there, but are you really listening? Do you remember what I said about listening and magnetic personalities? Well, one way to be better at listening is to be 100% present in whatever situation you find.

If someone needs you to listen to them and provide your opinion, or even help, then, by all means, do this. Attempt to stop the chaos in your head and put full focus on the present time. If you practice being in the moment enough, it will start to come naturally.

4. Be kind and warm

Simply put, if you show warmth to someone, ensuring that they are your equal, then you’ve got one habit right. Being kind to others is important, and could possibly be the most important factor to a charismatic and magnetic personality. And being kind doesn’t cost you anything.

In fact, it pays by attracting more people to your caring demeanor. I cannot stress enough the importance of being kind and warm toward others.

Magnetic personality? If not, let’s learn

You’re not alone if you’re still learning how to be a better person. In fact, many of you are miles ahead of me in the area of charisma. If you have that magnetic personality I’ve been talking about, then I am inspired and impressed. If you’re not quite there, don’t give up. Many of us have so much to learn.

I wish you well! Let’s always strive to be better and greater human beings.


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  1. jim

    Thanks for this article Sherrie, its very positive and suggests a lot of ways for us to improve even we struggle with many of the points you raise. learning-mind has some interesting articles, thanks for contributing.

    1. Sherrie Hurd, A.A.

      Thank you, Jim, for reading. Improving is important, even when we think we’ve done all we can. I think there’s room to learn so much. I think there are so many ways to learn as well.

  2. Miss GC

    I learned to stay far away from EGO- Centric people especially, those I am related to because my life is much successful and full of joy when I do. I love myself!

  3. Sherrie Hurd, A.A.

    Good job. Just remember to keep a healthy balance with that, so as not to seem self-absorbed. I got away from an abusive relationship and fell in love with myself. Suddenly, someone said, “You’re so self-absorbed”. Oh, and it hurt so much to hear that after 17 years of abuse.

    But here’s the thing. I pulled so far away from thinking I was a failure into thinking I was the shiz…you know, and it started to hurt the new people in my life. They didn’t see the beaten-down me, they saw the arrogant me. So, I had a new objective.
    Balance. Truly, it’s important.

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