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9 Phrases Master Manipulators Say to Play with Your Mind

Published by
Sherrie Hurd, A.A.

A master manipulator is experienced in the art of control. Utilizing certain maneuvers, these dangerous individuals can leave wounds that are hard to heal.

We talk of manipulation and control quite often, including examples of them in lists of how to recognize a narcissist. We learn techniques for disarming toxic vibes and vampiric energies, as they exist in the people we love.

But to perfect what we know, we must consider the master manipulator, someone who thrives on retaining control at all times.

Phrases master manipulators say

Master manipulators utilize behaviors as well as speaking. They use an interesting placement of words to throw you off guard. I will tell you about a few of these phrases, so you can better understand how the manipulator operates.

1. “I’m just joking”

This phrase, in itself, isn’t really that manipulating. Many people poke fun at their friends and declare they are joking. But there’s a certain usage of this phrase that implies that you might be overreacting.

For instance, if a friend often makes negative statements, and then says, “I’m just joking”, or “Why can’t you take a joke”, this could be a clue. Maybe they aren’t joking. Maybe they’re just insulting you to bring you down.

2. “Remember when”

Have you ever had that one friend who constantly brought up the mistakes you made in the past? Yes, it’s the one who likes to talk about how you lost your temper and embarrassed yourself, or something of that nature.

The point is that an individual who has played your insecurities by bringing up the past understands your value and wants to destroy it. Watch out for this phrase and this person.

3. “You’re different from the others.”

This phrase may sound positive to you, but think of it differently for a moment. A master manipulator, to solidify control, will use isolation. They will disguise isolation techniques as compliments. So, it may take you a while to see what they’re doing.

Pay attention to a similar phrase, “I know more about you than anyone else”. This statement is a huge red flag.

4. “Why are you so upset?”

A master manipulator will make you question yourself, but not in a healthy way. I’m not talking about introspection, oh no, it’s about that popular word, “gaslighting”.

No one should be able to invalidate your feelings, memories, actions, or words. You know what you did, you know what you said. And you most certainly know how you feel. Never get in your head that deep.

5. “If you loved me, you’d do it”

A person who uses manipulation correctly will know about emotional blackmail. Maybe they’ve even perfected it. Emotional blackmail includes the act of guilt-tripping you into doing something you might otherwise not want to do.

It’s okay if you can’t or won’t help someone; most of the time, there’s a reason. Never let another person make you feel guilty about your decisions. Yes, I said it.

6. “You owe me”

This is a phrase you’ll hear often from the master manipulator. It’s sometimes used in conjunction with “remember when”. This statement requests a payback for past debts of some sort.

So, not only are you possibly being gaslit about something, but you’re also feeling pressure to repay them, often with apologies for some wrongdoing. When you are guilty of doing something wrong, it’s still abusive to be continually harassed.

7. “I feel the same way”

This phrase can be used in both negative and positive ways. The manipulator will use this statement when mirroring you. When you first meet them, you may notice just how much you have in common. But over time, you could learn that much of this first impression was a lie.

To control you, the master manipulator agrees with almost everything you say. Meanwhile, they will tell someone else something different.

8. “You were lucky”

Isn’t it strange how the statement, “You were lucky” sometimes means you didn’t accomplish something in your human effort? I bet you never really paid attention to the insult hidden there.

We often get told about our luck and we are happy to hear that. Is it possible that your loved one who says “you were lucky” secretly despises your good fortune? I just think it’s wise to analyze that statement a bit further to see the truth.

9. “I have what you need.”

This is an interesting statement, as it implies that the manipulator is a savior or saint. They want you to believe that all the things you lack in life can be found in them. They also want you to think that they are your only good option when it comes to a best friend or partner.

This is seen often with infidelity. The manipulator will try to convince you that they are better than your current partner.

Watch out for manipulation

It’s not always easy to recognize manipulative behavior. True meanings hide behind flowery language designed to fool us. It is important to be able to catch these statements before their effects take root and damage our self-worth. Trust me, they can cause so much damage.

So, always be alert to the intentions of others so you understand what they want. This will reduce the risk of being hurt. I hope you’ve found value in this information and can use it to improve your life. I know it’s been a big help for me.

Published by
Sherrie Hurd, A.A.