What are the Master Numbers and what powers, if any, do they possess?

Numbers are everywhere. We use them without thinking in all walks of life. They help us with the mundane tasks during our lives such as determining the time or the date, to the more complex scientific equations in order to understand the universe.

There are some numbers, however, that certain numerology experts believe are extra special.

These are the Master Numbers, but what are they and what powers, if any, do they possess?

There are three master numbers – they are 11, 22 and 33.

They are known as master numbers because experts believe they are powerful with added potential, due to the pairing of the same number. People with master numbers in their name or date of birth are typically gifted with special tendencies that set them apart from the general public.

Any person possessing a master number is likely to have a heightened sense of intuition, potential or intelligence.

So what do the master numbers mean and how do they affect you in real life?

Master Number 11 – The Old Soul

Master number 11 is considered to be the most intuitive of all the master numbers as it represents intuition, insight, a connection to your subconscious and your gut feeling. Those who possess the master number 11 in their date or birth charts are thought to be old souls, and able to deal with stressful situations in a calm and relaxed manner.

This number is associated with faith and those who can predict the future, such as psychics, clairvoyants and prophets.

Those who have the master number 11 tend to be respectful, show empathy and an understanding of others with an ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

One negative attribute of this number is that if the person has not concentrated their efforts on a specific goal then they are in danger of experiencing intense fear and anxiety. This could lead to phobias and panic attacks.

Famous People with a Master Number 11

Edgar Allan Poe, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Orlando Bloom, Chetan Kumar and Michael Jordan.

Master Number 22 – The Master Builder

Master number 22 is often called the ‘Master Builder’, this is because it has the power to turn dreams into reality. It contains all the intuition and insights of the master number 11 but with added practicality and a disciplined manner.

Master number 22 has big plans, great ideas and huge potential, add this to leadership skills and high self-esteem and you have the making of great personal success.

22 is associated with great thinkers, those with huge confidence and those who always live up to their potential.

Those who have 22 in their charts tend to be able to make dreams come to life, turning their goals in life into fruition in a very rapid way.

Negative traits include a lack of practical ability which does not allow them to realise their huge potential.

Famous People with a Master Number 22

Leonardo da Vinci, Paul McCartney, Will Smith, Sri Chimnoy, Hu Jintao, John Assaraf, Dale Earnhardt and John Kerry.

Master Number 33 – The Master Teacher

Arguably the most influential of all numbers is the 33 which is also known as the ‘Master Teacher’. It is the most powerful because the number 33 also contains the 11 and the 22 and, therefore, upgrades these two other numbers to the top level.

Master number 33 has no personal ambition, instead, they want to bring about a spiritual uplifting of all mankind.

33 is associated with complete devotion, rare wisdom and understanding without communication. A typical 33 will concentrate on humanitarian issues and give themselves entirely to a project.

Those who have 33 in their charts will be extremely knowledgeable but also very emotional.

Negative traits include an emotional imbalance and a tendency to flare up on emotional issues.

Famous People with a Master Number 33

Stephen King, Salma Hayek, Robert De Niro, Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Francis Ford Coppola, and Thomas Edison

Numerology experts believe that when you put all the master numbers together, they represent a triangle of enlightenment:

Master number 11 represents vision.
Master number 22 combines this vision with action.
Master number 33 offers guidance to the world.

If you have a master number in your date of birth or your name, you should recognise that it has a very real and significant meaning to your life. Understanding what this is can be extremely beneficial in helping your personal growth and indeed, our evolution as human beings.


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  1. Suzanna Compositor

    Wondering if I have a master #
    Thank you ❤️

    1. Caps

      No Suzanne you are a life path 5 ….you are known as the traveller you require freedom and need to experience the world to find out your meaning in this life

    2. S brijpalsingh

      IAM born on 22.09.1973 I think I have a master number thanks

      1. Zachary

        hi S brijpalsingh, your life pathnumber is 33 for sure.

    3. Zachary

      Or you can do it yourself.

      6 +5+1+9+6+5 = 32 ADD them together because in numerology you always reduce double digits if is not master numbers and which with Master numbers you do not reduce to keep them the same. Which in that case 3 +2 = five which mean that your numerological number is 5. and if you want you can do it yourself by using a calculator.😎😇

  2. Taruna Chopra

    I have master number in my date of birth
    5/26/1991. Any guidance will be helpful

  3. Harley Walker

    My birthday is 11/04/1988. Does that mean I’m life path number 5 and have a master number 11?

  4. Rohith

    Wow!I am excited.I think my master number is 33.I was born on 1/23/1998.

  5. Kevin Mcclellan

    12–11-1977 master number 11 and I have anxiety

  6. David marsh

    01-17-76. Do I have a master number?

  7. David marsh

    How do figure the name

  8. Diana

    my master number is 22…JUNE/18/2005

  9. Rosalie

    Thank you for sharing this information ❤️

    My Life Path number is 8 , Expression number is 9 , Birthday number is 3.
    My Soul Urge’s number is 44 , I read in some site that 11,22 and 33 are the three Master Numbers but how about number 44 ? Please help me understand.

  10. Cindy

    I was born on 5/5/1967 which is 5-5-5. Was wondering what this means?? I did read that it is also a master number. Also, if you could tell me how often a repeated number like this occurs in a yearly calendar?? I was also born with a vale over my face which is supposed to be lucky.
    Thank you.

  11. JAMES



  12. Florence

    I am born on 13/6/1963. Please calculate for me.

  13. Jett

    Florence, you are an 11.

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