Tomorrow, according to the Mayan Prophecy or the interpretations that are given to the Mayan calendar, our planet is going to experience the total destruction.

This discussion about the end of the world, believed to be predicted by the Mayans, has lasted for several decades now and has created global anxiety and alarm of people who believe that the doomsday is near and start their prayers or even close in underground storages and tunnels.

But in fact, tomorrow will be another day like any other day since there is no evidence neither from space nor from the Earth that something like that is going to happen.

NASA and its scientists give a great battle for giving the right information to the population and repeated public statements to disprove the beliefs that the end of the Mayan calendar warns of the coming end of the world.

Moreover, one of the last wise Mayan elders Tata Apolinario Chile Pixtun, one of the last original descendants of the Mayan tribe said yesterday that he has been bombed for years with questions about the hypothetical end of the world in 2012 that is believed to be indicated by the Mayan calendar, and the permanent answer was:

“No, my ancestors did not predict such a thing”.

But why all this myth about the Mayan prophecy was created?

Astronomer David Darling explains in his article for the journal «New Scientist» that the period of the counting of the Mayan calendar was one million eight hundred seventy-two thousand days. It was a precise calendar period for the Mayas, just like we determine the century by dividing it into 100 years.

Considering that it started in 3014 BC, this long calendar really ends tomorrow, on December 21, 2012. The big mistake in the interpretation is that the end of the Mayan calendar does not mean the end of the days but the end of the first calendar cycle and the start of the new one.

The statements of NASA astrophysicists and astronomers assure that there is no threat from space that could bring the world to destruction tomorrow, as in such case they would already have seen the collision course of a planet or an asteroid from outer space with the Earth.

Also, NASA assures that even the cases of power outages are not going to be caused by any space phenomenon, and tomorrow is going to be another ordinary day like any other.

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