Dreaming of water can have many different meanings, depending on the details and the kind of water involved. Water in a dream can signify a range of diverse factors. For example, it can be calm or stormy, you can drink it, and it is also a reflective surface. So what is the meaning of water in a dream?

The important thing to remember is that water is essential for life, and as such, dreaming about it is significant. Water is connected to our emotional state of mind. And everything from the colour of water, the state of it and what you were doing with it is relevant.

To Find the Meaning of Water in a Dream, You Should Consider These 4 Factors

They include the colour, state and type of the water as well as your own actions in the dream:

1. Colour of Water in a Dream

Clear water:

Clear water is a good sign that your emotions are under control and you are balanced and functioning well. If you can see into the water, it suggests you look deeper into yourself; are you giving your all to a relationship or just going through the motions? If you are reflected in the water, this indicates a period of self-reflection. Are you satisfied with your life? If not, now is the time to make changes.

Dirty water:

Brown or dirty water suggests emotional problems you are finding hard to deal with. Dirty water is a very negative sign, particularly if you were swimming or drinking it.

Thick, muddy water:

You feel stuck in a rut, especially in your emotional relationships. Is your marriage one of convenience now or do you treat your partner for granted?

2. The State of the Water

Calm water:

The meaning of calm water in your dream is being a sign of wellbeing and satisfaction with your life.

Rough water:

Storms suggest a blast of emotional trouble in relationships both past and present. However, storms do pass, so this indicates a brief period of unrest.


This huge wave of water is suggestive of an emotional problem that is out of your control. You feel helpless in a situation and out of your depth.

Cold water:

You are cool under pressure, but you might be lacking empathy when it comes to a certain person.

Hot water:

You are feeling hot under the collar and furious about a situation. You might need to release some tension.

Flowing water:

This is a good sign as it indicates life and wellbeing. If the water was clear and sparkling, it is a sign of lasting happiness.

3. The Type of Water


Seas are symbolic, your subconscious mind wants you to ‘see’ something important. For example, are you floating around in the sea with no direction?


A calm ocean is a good sign, but a rough one is an indication that you’ll need courage in the near future. If you are in a boat on the ocean, this suggests you’ll escape from a problem soon. Those that found themselves swimming in the ocean will soon enlarge their sphere of friends.


Rivers are symbolic of life’s journey, so the meaning of your water dream depends on the circumstances. If the river was winding, your road won’t be straightforward, if the water rushed by – expect changes, and quickly.


Waterfalls suggest a fresh new start in life with exciting prospects.


If the waves were high, this suggests struggles in the near future, but be careful that they are not of your own making.


The water in baths has a strange meaning in dreams, as it has to do with decisions. So, if the bath was empty, be wary of making a decision too quickly. If the water was uncomfortably hot or cold, that decision you have already made might need rethinking.

Swimming pool:

This dream about water suggests you are tired and need to chill out. If you were swimming in a pool with lots of other people around, this is a warning to watch out for hidden hostilities.

Holy Water:

Consider where you are putting the Holy Water, as this has the greatest significance in your dream. Are you feeling uncomfortable about a part of your body?

4. What You Were Doing in the Water


Relaxing in bathwater that’s just right indicates success and exceeding your expectations.


This is a very common dream and is suggestive of feeling overwhelmed in real life.


If you were swimming underwater quite happily, this indicates a desire to look deeply into your subconscious mind. Are you in therapy at the moment? If so, keep working at it, it is paying off.


water swimming dream meaning

If you were swimming to the shore, your efforts will pay off, but only through hard work.

Splashed with water:

We splash people with water when we want to wake them up or shock them into action. This is exactly what your dream is trying to do to you.


This is a simple wake-up call that your physical body is telling you to drink more water.

Travelling over water:

Travelling over water has a simple meaning in a dream – it has to do with a wish for more freedom and independence. You might feel trapped at the moment.


This is a disturbing dream that suggests you will soon receive some shocking news.

Final Thoughts on the Meaning of Water in Dreams

Water in a dream can have several different meanings, but the main thing to remember is that it revolves around our emotions. Therefore, it is important to take this into consideration whenever you try and understand the meaning of your dream about water.


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  1. Dennis Zamudio Flores

    if your dream like you are drowning in water, means that you have difficulty breathing and tell something to see a medical practitioner about your lungs/respiratory system or even heart illness.

    if you dream you are swimming under dirty/blurred water [and have difficult vision], means that your vision is deteriorating [in some case, your eyes could have been stress from the recent activity and need some rest]

    if you are swimming in a vast ocean, and no end in sight of an island [and even tired], means that you have a problem or experiencing the difficulty that says no end in sight of solutions as well [and you are on the brink of collapsing/giving up].

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