Meaningful work is much more important for introverts than a high-paying job or a prestigious career. Here are five things that make a job truly satisfying for an introvert.

We have often heard motivational speakers saying that we should chase our passions, transform them into our careers and then, we will not work a day. We cannot know whether this idea comes from an introvert or an extrovert, but we do know for sure that introverted individuals will not choose a career for the sake of getting rich.

Introverts Have Different Priorities When It Comes to Job-Seeking

For introverts, the financial reward of a job does not have much significance because what they really seek is to develop themselves while helping the world. Thus, meaningful work and personal gain are more important than having a “fat” bank account.

Before discovering their passions and hobbies, most of the introverts go through a self-discovery journey. They feel that they must understand themselves and what they can offer to the people around before they can choose a career.

Once they discover and understand their strengths or how they can contribute to the world with a meaningful job, nothing will stop them from chasing their goal.

The Definition of Meaningful Work According to Introverts

What it really takes to keep an introvert happy and interested in his/her career?

1. Authenticity

Introverts are passionate about doing unique things, meaning that they are not really eager to follow the crowd. They want the effects of their actions to last for many years to come.

Introverts tend to do what it feels right, so their decisions will always be based on ethical criteria. This is why introverts can be fair leaders.

2. Independence

Personal space and freedom are two of the most important values for introverts. In order to obtain the best results from these individuals, you should let them work in environments where there is little to zero creative control.

3. Stimulates Their Intelligence and Creativity

Various studies on personality indicate that introverts present a high level of intelligence. It is no longer a secret that these guys have great analytical and organizational skills. Thanks to their inner vivid world, introverts synthesize ideas into new innovations.

Needless to say, a dull and boring job is particularly unattractive for introverts. They love challenges because this way, they can sharpen their skills and improve their performance and results.

4. Empathizing with Others

Just because introverts love their solo time, it does not mean that they hate people. They are actually intrigued by the various personalities and behaviours that our society has.

Thus, they are always ready to listen to other people’s opinions, ideas, joys or worries. No wonder you will see many introverts being involved in charities, campaigns, or organizations that aim to improve people’s lives.

5. Promotes Deep Thought and Self-Reflection

Introverts believe that we can improve the outcomes of our work when we understand our strengths and weaknesses. If you want a better product, you must understand what you can do better.

Focusing on shallow things like marketing strategies or promotions will sound boring for introverts. They tend to look at a problem from a profound perspective.

What to Do When You Are Bored at Work

But even the most meaningful and interesting work can become boring after a while, and at first, we do not even realize when it happens. We start a new job full of enthusiasm, we learn new things, new skills, meet new people and have new responsibilities.

Once we feel more comfortable at the new job, we set our body/mind on autopilot, repeating the same routine every day. This does not happen suddenly, it is gradual, and that is why, most of the time, we do not realize when we get bored of what we do.

Once the boredom is settled, it affects our perception of the workplace, our career and overall life. We become less happy, we do things unconsciously most of the time, and we lose the enthusiasm for our career – the motivation and determination that we felt at first.

Just like in a marriage, there are things you can do to bring back the enthusiasm and passion for your job:

1. Change Some of Your Routines

If possible, change the time when you have your lunch break, remove/add new items on your desk, do not check your personal inbox every two hours, etc. Take your time to reflect and identify the changes you can make.

2. New Network of Friends

One thing that is exciting and scary at a job is to meet new people. You could try to meet colleagues in other departments. Start looking around you. Is there a group of people you would like to be part of? Show yourself in that group and see how things work.

3. Chase a Promotion

Working for a promotion is a good way to reinvigorate your job and wake up your interest. It will automatically bring you extra energy and if this does not prove to be successful, then you will acquire a new set of skills that will make you better and maybe prepare for a new job position that will appear in the future.

Do you find a meaning and interest in your current job? Would you say that you do meaningful work? Please let us know in the comments.



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