Memory palace is a place in the memory for storing important information and is one of the best mnemonic techniques. Here is how to master it.

It often seems unfair that memory gets worse as we get older – the more memories we want to store, the less we are able to do so. Memory loss happens because as we age, our brain cells begin to die off, making connections between different parts of the brain more difficult to form.

Fortunately, there are ways to improve your memory and keep it as flexible as it used to be. These can include cultivating hobbies which aid in memory retention such as chess, or in using some of the various techniques which can help people in retaining information.

Today, we will talk about a technique called memory palace, which will help you keep information in an orderly fashion, allowing it to be recalled when needed.

Memory Palace Technique

Memory palaces are known more formally as ‘the method of loci’, and they focus on helping people to remember facts and opinions by assigning them to various locations within the brain itself.

Proponents of the method say that it should be done in stages. First, make up a location within your brain to help you remember the facts and familiarise yourself with it totally.

Then, when you need to remember information, it is a simple matter of committing it to a particular scene and place within the memory palace – linking the memory together with the place.

Here Are 3 Stages of Building Your Memory Palace:

Decide on a Layout

Any kind of layout can be used for this memory palace – your own home, one you have visited, one you have seen before. It is best to have a palace which does exist in some capacity.

The complexity of the palace is something you should think about as well. Is the information you need to commit to memory a small or large amount? If it is a small amount, you could use a more basic mind palace, such as your bedroom or living room. If it is a large amount, a larger mental space will be needed. It all depends on what you need the mind palace for.

Have Specific Locations Set Up

A memory palace works by having specific information tied to a specific location in the palace, or to a specific item which is in that place. Ideally, since you design a memory palace according to the information you need to remember, the palace is sized to that need. Therefore, there are enough locations within it to tie to each piece of information.

When you have constructed your memory palace, familiarise yourself with it completely. Then, start assigning certain locations to certain bits of information. This can take some time, but be sure you don’t rush, and that you memorise everything very carefully.

The main problem people have is in confusing locations with one another. When you are building your memory palace, make sure that every single location is unique enough. This way, you won’t accidentally mistake one place for another when memorising things, or recalling the information later.

Keep everything unique and distinct. This is particularly important if your memory palace is larger than usual.

Define your Route

This step is only really necessary for people who need to be able to recall information in a specific order. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that nobody else can benefit from this strategy. Just as we normally have set routes around our houses in real life, having a set route around your mind palace can help you to recall information in a specific order.

The mind palace is predicated on remembering things by associating them with certain places and positions. Having a set route through your mind palace can take you round these places in a specific order. This will allow you to recall information in the order needed.

Who Could Use This?

The truth is that everybody can use it. Memory palace technique is particularly useful for students who have to take in a lot of information at one time. It also works great for people who use a lot of information in their day-to-day jobs (particularly if that job requires the information to be used in a particular way at a particular time).

A memory palace is a good way to take in and retain large amounts of information which will be needed at a later date.


Memory palaces, also known as the method of loci, are useful ways to help retain information at any age. This technique is great both for students and older people who are prone to cognitive decline but still need to remember any number of facts for their jobs.

The mind palace technique is also helpful for people who need to regurgitate important information in a very specific method or list.

This article focused on the main points behind the memory palace. It also gave basic information about memory palaces, how to create one yourself, and how they work in general.


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