Your subconscious sets up mental blocks that can cripple your best intentions to succeed.

Your mind and imagination can be your best weapon, but it can also be your weakest point. When you feel stressed or helpless, the littlest things become huge barriers in life. Everyone deals with these issues throughout their daily life, so we’ve come up with solutions for some of the mental blocks that you might be struggling with.

  1. The worst mental block you can do to yourself is to tell yourself you can’t

The truth is, you can. Your goal is going to take a lot of work, but if everyone else can do it, so can you. By saying “I can’t”, you’re creating one of the hardest mental blocks to overcome: powerlessness.

You have decided your potential is limited, and have given up on yourself before even trying. By putting forth the effort to make your goals a reality, you are able to learn more about yourself and figure out where life can take you.

  1. Feeling like you don’t have any support from your friends and family

Your friends have specifically chosen to be a part of your life, and they are your biggest fans. If you need a pep talk, just give them a call or text during the day, and they are sure to tell you that they believe in you.

Many of us have family members that we have relied on for support from time to time, and they are always ready to give more when asked. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you might just find out that your friends are worth even more than just a good time.

  1. Not eating or drinking enough can create physical mental blocks

Proper nutrition and hydration are extremely important for a healthy mindset. Your brain thrives on glucose, oxygen, and fluids to perform at its best.

If you are feeling frustrated, try grabbing a glass of water and a couple items to snack on. Re-evaluate how you feel 10-15 minutes after consuming both fuel sources, and you’ll probably realize you feel much better. These mental blocks were easily solved by listening to your body’s demands.

  1. Lack of sleep lowers the ability to combat stress

In addition to nutrition, sleep is something that your body and mind both need to be able to recuperate on a daily basis.

Some people can function relatively normally with a few hours of sleep every night, but that is not the standard. You should aim for a solid 8 hours, at least, and studies are claiming that women need even more.

If you are feeling like you are at the end of your ability to handle stressors, try taking a nap or going to bed early that night. The next day will be there when you wake up, and you’ll be refreshed for the next hurdles.

  1. Frustration from getting nowhere with a task

If your head is hurting from trying to solve your latest dilemma, try taking a small break.

Walk away from the situation for a minimum of 10 minutes and close your eyes. Starting at your forehead and shoulders, relax your muscles, all the way to your feet. Picture yourself somewhere else; the pool, at home, the gym, etc. You can picture the beach, but if you keep it simple, you’re more likely to settle into the imagery.

Doing this will reset your mind, and should clear out the current mental blocks that have been building throughout the day.

  1. Setting unrealistic goals is a recipe for several mental blocks

Part of being successful is making achievable goals. If you set your sights on being a millionaire in 2 years, you are more likely to bury yourself in depression once you realize that’s not going to be a possibility. Your mood health will suffer, as well as your belief in yourself.

Take small steps, such as setting a milestone that includes getting a promotion at your current job. Once you have gotten there, plan your next path. You can get to a larger goal, but taking it in bite-sized chunks will make it a lot easier to digest throughout the years.

  1. Your life needs a little motivation and meaning

There are stagnant periods in life, this is true, but you don’t have to remain stuck for long. We live in a world that is full of endless ideas for how to spend your day.

It may not add progress to your current life goal, but try donating your time to an organization that interests you. You could volunteer at a health facility, an animal shelter, or a local program for children. The Peace Corps would send you to locations where you could make a difference in another’s life.

The surroundings and people working with you could provide inspiration to push you past your current mental blocks, while you are likely doing the same for them.

  1. Aggression isn’t the answer

Anger is the hardest mental block to overcome. When you see red, you cut yourself off from making smart decisions. Acting while your mind is in a state of unrest can result in people being hurt physically and emotionally.

Once you’ve calmed down, it will most likely hurt you in return. After you’ve cooled off, try discussing the problem to resolve whatever issue is bothering you.

These mental blocks don’t define you

You are more than a ball of frustration, stress, and anger. Tackle each day as it comes, and don’t let yesterday weigh you down. Hopefully, this article gives you some tools that help with finding clarity when your head feels like a jumbled mess.


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