Maybe until now, you’ve understood common pains to be just a part of life. But what if these pains and ailments had metaphysical meaning?

In your youth, any pain was usually an obvious side effect from an injury, and you never attributed such things to metaphysical meaning. Sometimes, pain may have been a signal of something worse, and a doctor’s visit would let you know what it was.

As you grew older, however, stranger pains appeared, and eventually, the doctor could no longer diagnose everything you were feeling. This became frustrating. Does this sound familiar to most of you?

I experienced this, and that is why I can speak easily about it. Up until a few years ago, every ache and pain that occurred could be explained, but now, it cannot be solved in a physical sense. That is when I learned that pains and ailments might also have a metaphysical meaning.

Culmination of emotions

Think about it this way: Over the years, we collected events, trauma, loves, losses, and deaths. All these things add up because, honestly, it’s difficult to heal properly when life keeps throwing things at us, one negative after another. I’m not saying that we cannot heal because we can!

What I am saying, however, is that there are many people who build mental blockages and behind these lies, they keep a store of unforgiven hurts. Guess what happens with these bitter untamed emotions? They turn into physical manifestations. This is why metaphysical meanings are so important to understand.

Metaphysical revelations you need to know

So, there are two basic things to consider when it pertains to pain and illnesses. While pain may be a temporary blockage or emotional manifestation, an illness can be more of a long-term result of a mental issue and have a deeper metaphysical meaning. Here are a few examples of both.

The brain, skull, and face

Headaches, migraines and other issues

First off, headaches are common, and they do have physical causes. However, while headaches are usually diagnosed from tension or stress, they can also mirror mental issues pertaining to reasons for these stressors. Pay attention to facial expressions, for example, which fail to hide the true feelings but become stressed in the effort.

Spiritual practitioners claim that migraines stem from self-criticism, the inability to attain unconditional love, and pushing people away. It makes lots of sense really if you consider the brain is the control center and all these struggles are part of overthinking episodes and attempts to find a connection with others.

Physically, headaches come from stress, dietary triggers, and allergies, which can be seen in mental aspects as not being able to tolerate the before mentioned various issues in life.

With all this being said, here’s how to alleviate headaches without medication. This is as good a time as any to meditate. Meditation soothes the body while simultaneously quieting the thought processes which can cause or worsen a headache.

Practice meditation, yoga, and any other soothing techniques to quell the force of your headache. In fact, these practices have science-backed benefits for relieving migraines and headaches. This is why sleep works wonders for a headache. I mean it’s a no-brainer… you are temporarily shutting down those overactive thoughts.

Ears, eyes, nose, and mouth

The senses and sensory overload (ear infection, sinus problems, etc.)

Now, of course, there are physical causes for sensory problems, like colds and allergies, but then there is a larger, more pressing issue at hand as well.

Sinus infections, ear infections, and other irritations behind the areas of the ear, nose, eyes, and throat have a surprising metaphysical meaning. This is pertaining to blockages which can actually cause these infections and other issues like dry eyes and sinuses.

According to a spiritual perspective, ailments in these areas have one huge thing in common – extrasensory perception gifts. Many people experience a heightened sense of hearing, sight, smell, and taste when there are messages attempting to reach them from otherworldly places, spiritual practitioners claim.

Blockages keep pressure built up because these messages are not coming through for some reason. Sometimes, it is because of disbelief, and other times it is because of inexperience in how to handle these messages.

The good news is that this usually means that you are extremely sensitive to these things and just not able to process the large influx of information. According to spiritual practitioners, the solution is to find ways to develop these gifts and make sure you have an ample amount of quiet personal space in order to clear these blockages.


Strained muscles or muscular ailments

The shoulders are symbolic of carrying responsibilities. I just want to get that out of the way first because there’s no way to ignore that connotation. Yes, the shoulders can experience physical issues like strained muscles, broken bones, and even diseased parts, but nothing gives more meaning than the metaphysical aspects.

As I said before, the shoulders tend to carry “the weight of the world”, meaning every stressor in your mind tends to gravitate toward your shoulder and neck area where it manifests as pain or ailments. These mental blockages include taking on too many responsibilities, having a hard time making decisions, and going in the wrong direction in life.

Many times, we know we’re not on the right path but continue due to sacrifices made for others. Although you may push these wrong directions to the back of your mind, your body will continue to respond in negative ways until you find your true purpose and lighten your load.

Hands and fingers

All pains and ailments associated with your hands and digits

Our hands go through rigorous activities on a daily basis, whether it be from work or play. They can be broken, swollen, or even lost due to accidents. But there could be a deeper meaning. The metaphysical meaning behind anything that could go wrong with your hands and fingers revolves around dissatisfaction.

Whatever your work involves, your hands and fingers will react either positively or negatively. Maybe it’s because you’re experiencing swelling due to overwork, or maybe it can mean you’re not on the correct career path. You could be experiencing both at the same time.

A simple solution would be to analyze your job choice and be honest with yourself. Is this what you want to continue to do? Is there anything more rewarding for you? If you cannot clearly say that you love your job or career, then it might be time to change this.

It will not only improve your financial status but could improve the health of your best work tools – your hands, and fingers.

Internal Organs

For an extra bit of information concerning the metaphysical meaning of pains and ailments, take a look at this list of the most common problems with internal organs and what this signifies, according to spiritual beliefs.

  • Lungs (infections, asthma, diseases): overcrowding, not being able to be yourself
  • Reproductive organs (disease, ailments): inability to be creative
  • Stomach (nausea, lack of appetite, ulcers): loss of ambition, uncertainty, and anxiety
  • Cardiovascular system (heart attack, heart disease): lack of commitment, adultery, depression
  • Liver (Inflammation, disease): Imbalances in the soul or spirit, guilt, shame
  • Digestive system (Chrons, IBS, constipation, or diarrhea): Stress, inability to let things go

Our focus:

There are many pains and ailments associated with various parts of the body, but these are just a few examples. But in reality, if you only pay attention to how these areas function, it will be easier than you think to understand the roles they play in metaphysical terms. The goal here is to learn to heal from hurts and release things that are causing the blockages to form.

By doing this, you will start to see a drastic improvement in your mental and physical health. After all, our body and mind are connected and they form an amazing machine that is capable of performing the most amazing feats. Take pride in yourself and practice self-care and love.

The results will be nothing short of miraculous!



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