While most people still consider psychedelics to be taboo drugs that can be harmful and addictive, the research shows that microdosing, or the intake of psychedelic substances in small doses, can actually enhance mental abilities and even have physical benefits.

Small doses of psychedelics are called psycholytic doses and, not to worry, such doses do not induce transcendental experiences that make you lose all inhibition.

Psychedelics and physical state

James Oroc has researched microdosing and examines the usage of psychedelics in religious ceremonies, as well as more modern usage by athletes. Oroc praises microdosing for athletes, as research has demonstrated that low doses can improve “cognitive functioning, emotional balance, and physical stamina”.

Whilst most of us are not into casual extreme sports, research has been conducted on the effects of microdosing ranging from students to business professionals, so it is for anyone!

Psychedelics and brain power

James Fadiman studied a group of volunteers and reported back on their experience with microdosing using LSD. They kept a daily diary, and the results were interesting indeed.

There were no reports of any highs or bad trips; instead, normal tasks were completed more efficiently, or as Fadiman said, the volunteers, “had a really good day…the kind of day when things kind of work”.

Study subjects behaved normally in their work or relationships with others, but with increased focus, creativity, and clarity. According to one of Fadiman’s volunteers,

“Sub-doses of 10 to 20 micrograms allowed…an…increase

[in her] focus, open my heart, and achieve breakthrough results integrated within [her] routine.”

This positive report of clarity and augmentation of the creative process could be useful for those whose job demands fresh ideas and creativity. Not only does it help the thinking process, but Fadiman’s studies also suggest that microdosing can be helpful for headache sufferers, as well as those with depression and Parkinson’s disease.

Psychedelics and meditation

Myron Stolaroff argues that low doses of psychedelics can be extremely useful in improving many practices such as meditation.

“With low doses, by focusing directly on the repressed feelings and staying with them without aversion and without grasping, they will in time dissipate. Such a result provides greater energy, deeper peace, more perceptive awareness, greater clarity, keener intuition, and greater compassion. It permits the deepening of one’s meditation practice.”

The multiple benefits of microdosing

There are four categories of the effects of microdosing with LSD.


  • More overall energy during the day; LSD gives a buzzing effect
  • Ability to exercise for longer without fatigue
  • Feel more drained towards the end of the day and require more sleep
  • Better relaxation
  • Better focus


  • Greater appreciation for small things
  • More open to new things and the world
  • Anti-depressive qualities leading to an improved mood
  • More patience
  • Enhanced emotional clarity


  • Music sounds clearer and can have a deeper effect on moods
  • In some cases, some objects may appear to glow, as if there was an aura around them
  • Distorted time perception
  • Enhanced sense of hearing, touch and smell

Creative and spiritual:

  • More flow
  • A greater understanding of how things interconnect, an increased sense of association
  • Enhanced comprehension of ideas
  • Increased awareness of global connectedness

Just be aware that psychedelics are considered illegal even despite all these benefits, but it does not mean that they cannot be found. Check this article to learn more about how to experiment with microdosing in a constructive and safe manner.

Copyright © 2012-2024 Learning Mind. All rights reserved. For permission to reprint, contact us.

Copyright © 2012-2024 Learning Mind. All rights reserved. For permission to reprint, contact us.
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