In this article, I will show you a simple experiment that anyone can do to see with their own eyes how the mind affects the body.

We all know the most famous principle of quantum physics which states that the observer can affect the observed object. There are thousands of books and articles that claim that your mind might be responsible for different illnesses in your body.

With this simple experiment, you will see what happens in life or, in particular, how the quality of your thoughts impacts your body.

An exercise that demonstrates how the mind affects the body in practice

Let’s begin…

Close your eyes… make a few deep breaths and relax your body. If you have never performed any form of relaxation techniques before, then you can use your breath.

Focus on your breathing and notice how your body expands during inhalation and how it contracts during exhalation. It is very likely that after about 10 cycles of breaths you will be relaxed enough.

If this has not happened sufficiently, you can relax your body “manually”. Focus your attention on the bottom of your feet and visualize that with each inhalation you get golden light, which goes to your feet, and with each exhalation, the tension is removed from your feet.

Do as many cycles as necessary until you feel completely relaxed, and then proceed to the upper part of the legs, then to the pelvis, the lower abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms, neck, and head. Try not to fall asleep.

So when you relax, bring to your memory a situation or a person that provokes intense anger in you. Experience this powerful emotion.

Once you make sure that you are completely “immersed” in your anger, focus your attention at some point in your foot. Look at that specific point with anger!

If you have never done this before, you will notice something “magical”! You will feel that the point at which you focused your attention is filled with tension, tightened, and eventually will start to hurt if you continue long enough. Try it on other parts of your body and you will notice the same.

Once you have experimented and have established the reaction of your body, withdraw your attention from anger and then perform the relaxation exercise again.

Now, bring to your mind a situation or a person that is associated with intense feelings of love or happiness. Making sure you are immersed in the feeling, focus your attention at some point in your body.

Look at it with strong love or an inner smile. Observe how wonderful your body reacts. You may feel a pleasant flow, heat, tingling, etc.

Do this with other parts of your body until you see its reaction. Finally, thank your body for this experience, take a few deep breaths, and open your eyes.

So let’s close with the following thought: If your body reacts instantaneously to every feeling, even superficially as in the above experiment, what happens when you feel fear, anger, or any other negative emotion for a long period of time? This is how the mind affects the body.

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